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26th January Club Forum


Yvonne Porter
Iain’s partner Marion

Darryl, Pam, Jeff, Peter,Chris Brown, Myla, Norm, Genta, Alan, Deborah, Mark, Stuart, Julianna

Alf and Sue are suitably rewarded for bringing new members to the Club

Marion and Judy presented BBQ King Keith with an apron finely crafted by Marion as a thank you for his dedicated service to BBQing.

President’s Address
President Judy welcomed our guests

Board meeting next Monday

We are working on our fourth Shelter Box.
Hoping for a real life demonstration in April

Discussion followed regarding possible new projects, with prior members suggestions circulated (see below)

Alf noted that we are well on track for our target of 12 new members.  Remember, all you have to do is invite people to breakfast.

Can I join please?

Gordon discussed our 2016 Golf day at the Pelican Waters course.  Seven holes are sold.  We need people “off the street” $75 a game includes a cart and is very good value.  Phone the club to enter.

If it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, is it really a duck?
Glad we sorted that out, thanks Ron

Another stern dressing down for us all
 nether mind, it's Australia Day, and you can put it in the BS Bag

and another word from Darryl, TRF Chair

Paul Harris Fellow recognition is given in appreciation to anyone who makes a gift of US$1,000 or more cumulatively to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, or an approved global grant. The recognition consists of a certificate and pin. Other optional items include a medallion for $15. Paul Harris Fellows can also be given on behalf of someone through Foundation Recognition points or through a combination of points and outright donations.  Since the creation of the Paul Harris Fellow over 1.4 MILLION people have become Paul Harris Fellows. 

 Suggestion for club fund-raising

I heard that a community group in Maleny were conducting a drive-in movie night in one of the local parks (so obviously done with councils blessing).
They actually engaged a company called Starry Nights for all the infrastructure. Sounds like an easy event if it is successful; they stressed it depends mostly on the movie you choose to screen.
I just used google and found this web site:
Roger is this what Malibu Club had for 20th Birthday?

Yes, that was the company, but it was an “outdoor movie” not a “Drive In”
The Maleny Showgrounds would have been more suited for cars. Council asked for 30 bins & 16 portable toilets when we said we could attract 999 people to the Moffat Beach.
We backed down to 440 people. Should have seen the park on TuesdayMaybe one of the sporting fields on the Nicklin Way would have the amenities and entry processing facilities for it to be viable

I don’t think we have to come up with a headline project; great if we can but there is plenty we can do with existing rotary programs or maintain our past projects eg is there something we can do at Mobility or Tranquillity garden or duck holes creek, Wickham point or Ben Bennett.
We could get more involved with other established Rotary projects eg actually get involved with one of the youth programs, physically and financially. RYLA and RYPEN usually have their camps at Luther Heights so they are in our back yard and can struggle from year to year.
What about sponsoring a DIK container, again both physically and financially. There is a social night  with the cluster clubs in Feb/March each club to make donation + proceeds to DIK
Is there an opportunity to get involved with shelter box which Anna is supporting? I cannot imagine anything hands-on but they will want our $$$.
There is still the solar for Gizo hospital; can we break this up into smaller amounts eg $4k this year and with district grant we get a top up. Do same same but different next year eg panels for children’s ward, then panels for another ward. Genta is your go to man on this (and he is off to Japan soon and will no doubt be discussing this project).  Yes Genta has set up a meeting with Fumi Suzuki  Chairman of Rotary Foundation while he is in Japan, meeting Wednesday night to discuss
Maybe go thru the district directory and see what takes your fancy.
These are one-off and not too demanding on our time. I think this is very relevant with all the BBQ’s as they require a lot of time and have become a de facto major project (in regards to time).

So here is a summary:
maintain our past projects in Caloundra- there is some mulching to be done hospital gardens
get more involved with other established Rotary projects like RYDA and RYLA
David Woodrow- RYLA guest speaker 9th February
DIK container   ???
Gizo hospital solar
Shelter box - club member donations I think  there has been another 3 recently

1. revisit Casablanca at Caloundra and inviting the lady who helped organised Melb Cup Day to assist;  Our club along with Cal Pac Club where going to have to event at the Caloundra Airport, not sure what happened but I thought it was a great idea of members in daily newspaper listing occupations;
 3.set up information table in Bullock St manned by good looking, young professional people;
4. letter drop with a lolly bar and invite to attend information night/ morning; if night perhaps drinks and nibbles;
5.flyers left where retired/ business people gather...gyms, Power Boat Club, Aquatic Centers, Local Library, Bowling Clubs etc, etc

Progressive/Safari Dinners
Murder Mystery Night
Phantom Races
International Gourmet Dinner
Slave Auction
Karaoke Night
Pie/Chocolate Drives
It might even be possible to have our own Rotary Club of Caloundra labeled bottle water to sell
Approach SEQ to get a pontoon/jetty for disabled people to have access to Ewen Maddock Dam in their Kayaks

Organise to have some  children from Longreach properties  come and have a holiday in Caloundra with members of our Club  I did speak to Damian about this but things are that bad at the moment that the children have to stay on the properties with their families to help as they can't afford wages so maybe something in the future

Ron did have other ideas but I can't remember them all

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