Saturday, 28 December 2013

24th December Meeting - Christmas


International Toast

We drank to “the rest of the world” and Santa

Welcome to Jan & family, Jenny Chloe and Sam
Olive Begley, Vicki Belcher, Bernie Strong, Peter Fox and Keith

Neil, Pam, Alf, John & Pauline, and there may have been a couple more

We had an enjoyable time at the Carols by Candlelight BBQ.

President’s Report
Deborah reported that the BBQ should net around $2000.
The contract is signed for the Lighthouse Centre shed so expect to hear more soon.
We need to paint the shed at the Salvo’s - We will have breakfast there for the opening.

At the end of the meeting Deborah invited all to a News Years Eve house breaking in, er I mean warming party at her new abode at 22/47 Sycamore Drive - Bring drinks.

Christmas Message
from Captain Stuart Glover 

Stewart asks where the year has gone and where the need is at Christmas.
He notes that his clients often have no support network, and asks that we strive to be better community connected.

Stewart was then rudely interrupted when Ron caught Ann out for texting during the meeting, and I think, if it wasn’t for Christmas, she would have been severely sin binned.
My notes then say something about over commercialization and excessive parties, then Stewart got the meeting back under control to continue his important message.

While Christmas is a time for families, we should also connect with neighbours and strangers. Think about the Polynesian culture, where there is a community focus.

As we interact with people in our everyday life, think about the person and not just the process.  It is a person in front of you - engage with them.

In African, “hello” is literally “I see you”.

We should be transformational, not transactional.

(editors note)
Thoughtful words Stuart and thank you, but you may have breached the Blog limit for the number of syllables too close together.

Members were asked to bring a gift up to the value of $10.00 the wackier the better.  If you don't like it, swap it for someone else's present

How can you resist?
 Watch out Peter, Keith's got an eye on that glass
 Yes, it had to be
 Noel hits the jackpot
 the onlookers gasp!
sometimes the smallest gift has the biggest impact
 but it turns out to be jelly babies
 and who the devil thought of that?
 I could just eat you - out of house & home that is
ready to pounce
 Don't forget to invite us to the BBQ
Gnomeo & Juliette?

And see - I resisted any temptation to make a joke about horns and Viagra

Sgt Gerry was up to his old tricks, which are, of course, never reported in the Blog unless they are particularly embarrassing

Trevor Taylor
Good to see Trevor on the road to recovery

Thursday, 19 December 2013

17th December Meeting - Trekking in Sumatra


International Toast
We drank to Norm’s toast to the Durham Country Club.  Never did figure out whether we were in North Carolina, or the north of England, or both, or even if there was a Rotary Club involved, but they were big in cricket in North Carolina.


Welcome to Rick & Neryl Petersen, and Jan from Darwin Sunrise
(Neryl - I hope this is the correct spelling of your name)


Deborah, Darryl, Ron Lauren, & Pam,

Merv attended the ambulance committee, and Golden Beach presentations.
Mark & Helen attended District Board.
Stuart did the presentation at Talara

Helen gave a report on Trevor Taylor
His chest infection is reduced but he has a long long way to go in his recovery
PDG Dai Mason would take over his District Governor’s role.
Roger has left a message on the Facebook Recovery diary giving our best wishes.

Presidents Report
Roger stood in to do the President’s Report.
He seemed very confident that, as predicted, it would get a good write up in the Reel.
(even though the attached raw material wasn’t much to work with)

Encourage members, partners, family to come along for our Christmas breakup brekky all welcome.  Must bring gift up to the value of $10.00 the wackier the better
    •    Lovely lunch with the inbound & outbound exchange students (Lauren will expand upon this if she is there)
    •    I attended the Caloundra Primary Schools' Awards Presentation on Thursday afternoon.  Lovely afternoon with many of the grade 7's winning awards.  I presented our awards.
    •    I attended Calpac's Thursday night dinner meeting - the meeting featured Nick Anning Dux of Meridan State College and NYSF recipient.

Yes, thanks Deb - it may not have been a standing ovation, but I’m fairly sure no one fell asleep.

Alf introduced Rick, who was to speak about his life and Father & Son trekking in Sumatra.  Rick was originally from Tasmania, and has spent 11 years in the military.  He has been a tour guide in the Northern Territory and worked in Perth with a garden design company.  He moved to Currimundi two years ago and works as a horticulturalist with the Council.  Rick and Neryl have two boys, Tasman aged 14 & Arnhem 17.

Rick thanked the Club for his reception by Club members.

Life for Rick started as the son of a lighthouse keeper on Tasman Island in SE Tasmania.  He can remember being nearly blown off the island in the wind.  They were often trapped inside and lost three watertanks on one occasion.

The family moved to Rosbury for the mining, but one day, his dad packed up his EH holden and left.  With his mother taking to drink, he and his twin siblings were fostered to various families around NW Tasmania. He started work in a nursery at 14 but saw the army as the way to turn his life around.  He spent three years at Townsville but was selected for the SAS where he spent nine years.

Returning to civilian life, he proposed to Neryl on Table Mountain in Tasmania, and later became a tour guide in the Northern Territory.  The family then went to Perth to be closer to Neryl’s mother.

Currently Rick has been involved in NYSF leadership treks, and Urban Descents, which involves abseiling off skyscrapers.  He does father & son survival workshops in Kenilworth, and the Sumatra treks through Men of Change.  Rick showed a video of Sumatra.  See  Men of Change are doing a charity fundraiser - no doubt we will be kept posted.

Screenshot from the website

Questions - Why Sumatra? “It found me” Interesting to see Christians & Muslums working together in harmony.  Costs $2,700pp for seven days.  Contacts mainly through social media.  Following up.  Sons age 13-17.  Success stories.  Looking for sponsors.

Alan re carols by Candlelight - we will be in the carpark on the northern side
John - USC BBQs in Feb - Three days in a row, 1000 meals per day  They are off to Melbourne for Christmas
Helen asked for a “show of hands” for next week

                             Sgt Gerry produces the incriminating evidence on Norm


No meetings on the 31st and 7th Jan.  Back on deck on the 14th
Teacher Pauline will be able to resume her “Teach Rotarians Good Manners Classes”.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Caloundra State School Graduation

Deborah at the graduation - photos by Win Fowles
Judging by the size of the students
we're putting Deb into grade six next year

Talara Graduation night

Stuart attended - hope you didn't eat too much cake!

Trevor Taylor's condition worsens

Rob Smith posted in Trevor Taylor Recovery Diary

Rob Smith
13 December 16:58
UPDATE : On Friday the 13th of December, 2013 Trevor had a number of visitors including Robyn, Melinda, Cliff and Shirley.

Unfortunately, his condition had deteriorated since yesterday and he was very ill from a suspected chest infection. This has now complicated his already very serious head injury.

He has been moved to bed 9 which is a high dependency area within the neuro-surgical ward.

He was unresponsive and sleeping for most of the visitation time and his Doctor's are worried about his eyes and facial nerve damage also. Trevor was not talking and appeared to be in quite a bit of pain.

At this stage, it is strongly advised that you DELAY your visit's until his condition has improved.

You will be notified on this page as he progresses.

View Post on Facebook

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

10th December - Sustainable Partnerships Australia


International Toast
Norm proposed a toast to the Rotary Club of Johannesburg to mark the passing of Nelson Mandela.

Welcome to PP Paul Fernyhough, Ken Hatfield from RC Darwin Sunrise & guest speakers Amy Doring, Jade Freser & Chris DiMaggio.


Gerry&Jan, Lauren, Pam, Mark, Darryl and John


Board meeting & Youth Exchange lunch at Happy Valley.

Presidents Report
Deborah noted the death of Nelson Mandela
Stewart is now a Captain
Pauline and John will celebrate their Golden Anniversary this weekend - no truth to the rumor that John was an apology because he needed to “rest up”
Santa’s Workshop at the Salvos is worth checking out
Meridan State College needs “foster grandparents” to read to children.
BBQ Roster Carols on Kings BBQ on Sunday 22 Dec.
After Polio eradication in the world, Rotary will move on to water and sanitation projects.

Deborah improved her score after being spot on the six minutes today, but unconfirmed sources predict next week’s report will be “much better”.  Watch this space.

Pauline introduced Chris, Jade & Amy.

Amy spoke first. Sunshine Coast Youth Partnership (SSCYP) has now merged with Queensland Youth Industry Links (QUIL) to form Sustainable Partnerships Australia (but apparently not SPA as it is already taken) - Glad we sorted that out, but as an alternative the Reel editor will give a prize for any good anagrams of SSCYPQUIL. They are moving to Newspaper Place and new contact details will be available shortly.

Jade is the Youth Engagement Co-worker at Sustainable Partnerships Australia after obtaining a youth/community service qualification at TAFE.  She started as a volunteer and progressed through casual to full time work.  Her background is in childcare and music.  They are working towards the 2014 Raw Sounds event at Alexander Headland, which will run from 10am till 5pm and involve local musicians and artists.

Chris is a Youth Engagement Action Crew volunteer.  He is a 16yo student at St Johns in Nambour going into Grade 11 next year.  He has been the photographer and artist liaison worker at Raw Sounds and will become the MC and stage manager at the next Raw Sounds and Fringe Festival.  This experience with events has given great insight into how the planning becomes reality.  His involvement has led to other opportunities including band promotion.   His highlight from this year was being a Caloundra Music Festival volunteer, where he ran the Photo Booth and Green Room, which is a big step up from being on the promised Green Team, which is a glamorous term for “rubbish pickerupperer”.  When he finishes school, Chris plans on a gap year, then using his experience as a springboard to professional qualifications in events management and photography.

Noel thanked Amy, Jade & Chris, but he kept
his distance in case he became the next Green Team volunteer

Alf gave the latest update about PDG Nevell McPhee

Greetings Alf,

After 50 years and about 2700 meetings at multiple clubs,
I resigned this week at our Redland Sunrise breakfast.  I
knew the time had come as I continued to attend over the
past few weeks.A bit sad after so long – 1963 seems for ever ago.  It was
when men wore a dark suit, white shirt and tie to the meeting,
and 26 years before women were permitted to join.  Time
marches on for all!
Will see you next time in Caloundra which is planned for the
latter part of January.  I might be over it all by then.Would you be kind enough please to give Alan and Carolyn
a ring.  With thanks.Best wishes Alf to you and Sue.

Nevell and Linley.
 Sgt Ian did his worst -
pure evil personified

Shelter Box update
Four Fridays ago the savagery of Typhoon Haiyan rocked the Philippines and shocked the world, killing an estimated 5,600 and leaving millions to rebuild their homes and lives. But, one month on, ShelterBox has already committed enough aid for 6,432 families, and is the only shelter agency to have reached some remote islands.
• A Response Team of 24 highly-trained disaster relief experts on the ground
• Enough aid – tents and vital equipment - to help 6,432 families
• A spend so far of £1.6 million
• Working in partnership with other charities and Philippine, Australian and Royal Navies
• A commitment to stay into 2014 to get the job done
These are the headlines from the first month in ShelterBox’s response to Typhoon Haiyan, which struck on 8 November. In one of its largest operations since the Japanese tsunami or the Haitian Earthquake, ShelterBox has now committed enough shelter for 6,432 families in the Philippines.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

3rd December Meeting

Pauline took the chair, and immediately left us in no doubt that the meeting was a serious affair and that no mucking around would be tolerated. Although there is no truth to the rumor that she was the schoolteacher from hell, we all sat up straight, paid attention, and made sure she couldn’t get her hands on a heavy ruler.

International Toast
In unnatural haste, Merv proposed a toast to the Rotary Club of Gizo which meets at PT 109 on Wednesdays

Welcome to May Brain & guest speaker Cilla

Helen, Ron, Gerry&Jan


Lauren at the Currimundi Special School.

Presidents Report

BBQ Roster Carols on Kings BBQ on Sunday 22 Dec.
Tranquility Garden in the news
Deborah attended the STEMM graduation, which was attended by other Rotary & Inner Wheel members.

The chair duely admonished Deborah for such a weak President’s Report, and she had to sit in the corner for the rest of the meeting.

As a fellow travellor, Neil introduced Cilla Kambona to speak about her life and travelling in Tanzania.  It seems she got the traveling bug after a Rotary exchange to Denmark.

After a quick thanks to Alf,Neil & Helen for the invitation, Cilla then tried to drum up a few brownie points from the chair because her father was a school principal.  While completing Grades 11 & 12 in Biloela, she went through the interview process with encouragement from exchange students from Norway & Sweden.  RC Biloela backed her all the way.

In 12 months she learnt Danish, drunk copious amounts of an unpronounceable but evil sounding brew after she turned 18, and had a white Christmas.  I’m having trouble reading my notes here so I hope the chair glosses over this bit when she does her check.  Anyway, Cilla became a tourist and for over two and a half years travelled in Europe, Egypt and the Middle East, then travelled from Nairobi to South Africa overland to an endless soundtrack of Bob Marley.  Then came North and South America including hitching across Canada.  She met (or was picked up by) her future Tanzanian husband Michael in Toronto.

That was 12 years ago and they now have four children aged 7, 5, 3 & 1.

                                    Rotarians listened with great interest

The family visited Tanzania after Michael’s father’s death, with amazing family experiences.  Cilla recounted turning up with a goat on the car roof & 50kg of rice.  The people love Soccer.  They travelled extensively and experienced the wildlife and natural wonders.  Auzzies don’t go there much as it is expensive to get there, and bribery and corruption, and mob justice need to be handled with care.  One radar trap was catching safari cars with the speed on the device written in white out - but the fine was moderate.

Cilla and Michael run tours to Tanzania, costs in the order of $8,000 - a good one for the bucket list.  Cilla passed round her albums filled with photos of exotic wildlife.

                                      Pauline thanked Cilla but only gave her
                               four out of ten cause she’s such a hard marker.


Lauren - exchange student lunch at Happy Valley on Monday 9th 12:30.
Please RSVP by Friday

Pauline spoke about Norm’s friend Anna who works with a community radio station - she will do a phone interview an interview with Alf or Merv.

John noted that the RSL would sponsor the Golf Day for $2,500 - good work

Julianna asked for an email if venue changed

Alf appealed for guest speaker ideas for next year

                                  Sergeant Noel tried to be nasty but we 
                were all a bit relieved to see the back of the chair for a while.

Next week
Noel - chair, Genta - desk & Pauline - intro

Next three meetings at Oaks
10th with Amy Doring
17th with Rick Petersen
24th with Father Christmas

Late news
Phillipines & Variety Fundraiser 8th December
Hello Everyone
My husband & I have been offered an opportunity to hold a fundraising event at

Kings Beach Tavern which is fantastic.. but it is in just over ONE WEEK’s time!
This fundraising event will support children in the disaster-stricken Philippines, as well as disabled kids locally by raising funds for another Liberty Swing for the Sunshine Coast.
We are hoping to gain as much interest as possible through the community in a very short space of time! We were offered this event on last week. Unfortunately the event wasn’t approved to appear in the PLC newsletter. Therefore if you could do something as simple as sharing this email with friends, liking our event on Facebook or dropping in on the afternoon. Also we have A5 flyers that can be left in a waiting room, displayed at your work/tearoom etc. or if you have a little free time and like a leg stretch popped in your neighbours letterboxes.
In addition if you have any time to spare, suggestions or contacts, know of any other businesses that would like to get involved (i can forward you a media release) no matter how small offering a service, a discounted service voucher, 2 for 1,  items to donate for the raffle/door prize (new/unopened items you have laying around?)  monetary donation or would like to have their name listed on the Alby’s Honour Role on our Variety Bash cars.
I am looking for a face-painter or someone to do hair wraps or similar for the event please.
We are quite new to the Caloundra area , so if you know of any Community Notice boards or surrounds where I can display a flyer, let me know!
Thanking you in advance
Nadia & Chris Lake
0403 140 990
From: Ross Harrison <>
Subject: RE: Sad New: DG Trevor in accident
Date: 5 December 2013 4:00:42 PM AEST

Hi Helen
I am told by Jon Jones that 

Trevor is out of danger and in good spirits.

From: Helen Fox []
Sent: Thursday, 5 December 2013 09:23
To: Deborah; Ross Harrison; Janet Cutler; Richard Townsend
Subject: Sad New: DG Trevor in accident

Dear Presidents

Ross Horne has just rung to say Trevor has had a very bad accident. He has a badly fractured skull.  Apparently one of his cattle got angry. Robyn and George McKenzie were with him.

I know very little other than Trevor's son is driving Robyn 'down' so presume Brisbane and George is going with someone else. Ross only knows he has been put into an induced coma to try and assist his body to cope.  He doesn't know which hospital.

More info will come in shortly so if you wish to ring later, please do.  In the meantime, can I ask you to let your own membership know and let's send all our collective 'best wishes' to Trevor.

Kind regards
Helen Fox

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tranquility Garden Press coverage

                     Thanks Kiera

26th November Meeting


International Toast
Norm proposed a toast to the Rotary Club of Malawi formally North Rhodesia.  Last Tuesday was World Toilet Day, a red letter day for the 120 member Club with their major focus on water and sanitation projects.


Welcome to Helen’s guest Chris Brittain
Alf’s guest Rick Petersen
May Brain
Sue MĪ‹ller and
Jan Conti from RC Darwin Sunrise

Guest speaker Karen McCord from Meridan State College to be introduced later
Karen was accompanied by School Chaplain Kelly Davis

Stuart, Pam and the Strongs


Genta had a Skype meeting with Eric Wood and Fumi about Gizo
Deb and Helen had a meeting in Maleny
and of course the Sea Princess visit.

Presidents Report
Deborah thanked Darryl for our most enjoyable visit to the Sea Princess.
The list was sent round for workers at the Carols on Kings BBQ on Sunday 22 Dec.
Deborah has completed an Energex grant application for $15,000 to co-fund works for the refrigeration revamp at Gateway Care.


Alan introduced Karen McCord, the Senior School Principal at Meridan State College to speak on “The Challenges of Modern Education”, and School Chaplain Kelly Davis.

Karen’s biggest challenge is the “social stuff” behind the scenes.

She showed a presentation of the awards for their second batch of year 12’s, followed by enough pie charts to stock a reasonably sized lunch shop.  The take home message was that the School keeps a close watch around the statistics of where their students go after school, and the working lifestyles necessary to fund their education.  An example would be for the need to gain hospitality skills for part time work while at University.

The school has high scholastic achievement with over 80% of year 12’s achieving OPs between 1 and 15.  They have high expectations for personal responsibility and commitment.

Stepping up from pie charts to a triangular diagram, Karen discussed Maslov’s Hierarchy of Needs.  Basic requirements for survival, food, and love & longing need to be met before the higher order needs of esteem and self actualization can be realized.

Rules, routines and habits need to be in place as the teenage brain “reboots”

Generation Z needs to be understood:

  • They have only known a world full of technology
  • They have little concern for privacy
  • They are collaborative and creative
  • They multi task, but “do nothing well”
  • They expect instant gratification
  • They lack exercise
  • They have short attention spans
Challenges fall into two categories:
  • Character driven, around student engagement and delivery of the curriculum
  • Socially driven, around family circumstances, financial hardship and mental health
Current issues in the school are five students in shelters, two recent attempted suicides, 20 with depression/mental health issues, and ten in financial hardship.  Approximately 30% of students have issues around “dealing with life”

How do they cope?

  • Amazing support staff
  • Year co-ordinators
  • Chappy
  • Nurse
  • Guidance staff
  • Youth Support
  • SB Police
  • Community organizations - Salvation Army and Re Connect
Kelly discussed the programs running at the school:
  • Mentoring
  • Building Bridges
  • Rock and Water
  • Youth Groups
  • Leadership Camps
  • Caring for our Community
  • Youth Excel
Alan is co-ordinating the Carols on Kings roster
Helen reminded us of the Sydney Convention 1st June 2014
Alan reported success with a $2,000 Council grant for RYDA and $1,500 through our Councillor,  Caboolture schools now coming on board
Genta needs a truck to transport desks and paper/pencil packages.

Hi All
The following is the rental agreement for us from Fleet Hire.  $32.00 for the 24 hour rental!  They are such good corporate citizens. Date is Tuesday 3rd December
Iain will collect the truck and together with Genta and Iain's own truck, fingers crossed we will have space enough for all the desks/chairs.


Fines were postponed till next week but we paid up anyway

Next week

Cilla Kambona “Touring in Tanzania”
Chair Pauline, Desk John and Introduction by Helen