Monday, 23 June 2014


Dear Rotarians,

Our Program and Roster involving you for the first 6 weeks of the Second Reign of President Deborah is set out below.

Tuesday 1st July
Guest Speaker is Curtis  Forbes  who will speak to our many aged, injured and ailing Rotarians on the topic of Health Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology.
In the Chair is Mark Ward, Desk is Genta and Intro is Roger.

Tuesday 8th July 
Guest Speaker is Matt Morey on Creative Design teaching
Chair is  Genta, Desk is Roger and Intro is Mark

Tuesday 15th July is Club Forum
Chair is Pres. Deb. , Desk is Bernie

Tuesday 22nd July 
Guest Speaker is Bruce Williams- In Memoriam Jim Adam re Bruce’s new Book.
Chair is Lauren, Intro is Merv and Desk is Pam

Thursday 31 July 
Combined Xmas in July Dinner (with Cal. Pacific ) at Meridan College .This replaces our normal Tuesday breakfast Meeting.

Tuesday 5th August 
Guest Speaker is Richard Hansen from Toastmasters 
Chair is Ann, Intro is Berny and Desk is Iain

If you find you are unable to take your place on the Roster, would you please arrange your own replacement, and then  notify Pres. Deb and me please.

Many thanks, Alf

June 17th Meeting & While Roger was away

On Tuesday 17th June our Guest is Carol Van der Gaag who spoke on e-health

 I'd know that smiling face anywhere

From: Deborah <>
Subject: SAD NEWS
Date: 18 June 2014 7:49:32 pm AEST


Not sure if everyone knew Lesley Godwin - she worked for Mark McArdle for a time and used to attend Rotary Breakfasts occasionally.  She passed away on Monday night after being taken to hospital.  She was unwell for a time.

Lesley’s funeral will be held on Monday 23rd June at 1pm at Gregson and Weight, 5 Gregson Street Caloundra.     This will be followed at 3pm with a celebration of her life at the Mooloolaba Bowls Club on Brisbane Road Mooloolaba.    All welcome.

At Lesley’s own request please do not send flowers but do wear something colourful in tribute to her memory.


From: Jayne []
Sent: Tuesday, 17 June 2014 12:44 AM
To: Darryl - Your Travel Agent;
Cc: 'Jeff Bignell'

Dear Darryl & Great Team of Rotarians.

We had a great experience interacting with Rotary Club of Caloundra. Thank you so very much for the delicious lunch we shared with members and the warm welcome accorded to us. We had fun fellowshipping with the members.

Enjoy the pictorial.

Regards Rtn Jayne

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

June 10th Meeting - Paraplegic Benefit Fund

On Tuesday 17th June our Guest is Carol Van der Gaag  talking on the E-Health System. Chair is Alan, Desk is Noel and Intro is Dr Bruce.
Our meeting on 24th June is transferred to Changeover Night at the Caloundra Golf Club on Friday 27th June, when Pres. Deb will change over with herself.

Friday, 6 June 2014

3rd June Meeting - Sarah Morcom  prize winning NYSF student


Visitors & guests
Guest speaker Sarah and mum Judy
PP Paul Fernyhough
Welcome again to Heidi Solymosi, and
Chris Maxwell, guest of Stewart & up from Sydney doing some training

International Toast
Norm proposed a toast to RC Dubai


all those at the International Conference in Sydney,


Darryl thanked all those who attended lunch with the Ugandan Rotarians

Presidents Report
PP Roger got to stand in for Deborah
after welcoming guests & visitors,
he presented Deborah’s report from Sydney

USC BBQ’s x 3 coming up 21, 23, & ? July - clashes with RYDA again

G'day from Sydney
Judy and I have both enjoyed the Convention so much.  The opening session was incredible with the PM Tony Abbot announcing to the room the gift of $100,000.00 to Polio plus - comment from Judy's son "What the F&%$!!!!. PS Tony got a standing ovation for that announcement.
We were entertained by Human Nature for 45 mins Lucky Us!  However I think we might have a few aches and pains from a lot of elderly Rotarians today as Human Nature had the whole crowd up dancing and singing.
Genta arrived late and was shown to the front row where Tony Abbot's Father and the hob nobs were seated.  (Must be the Dicky Beach connection)
Have met some interesting people including some very stern Russian Rotarians (and no they weren't just Rotarians walking quickly to a session) Lot's of Yankees, French, Middle Eastern, Japanese and heaps of Asian delegates.
Mark, Genta, Judy & I dined together last night and visited the Vivid Light Show and saw the opera House lit up along with other buildings.
We met a Rotary President from Oregon at dinner who gave us some ideas for fund raisers.
And the best of all I got to shake Gary C K Huang's (Incoming International President's) hand.  OK so I had to chase him for 4 blocks.
There are so many different Rotary Clubs within Rotary eg, Flying Rotarians, Beer Making Rotarians and yes there is even one for gnomes - I am thinking of joining.

When the call came through, we thought it was a joke
but hey … that gnome looks dangerous  
on second thoughts, maybe it was a ransom demand

Alas there is nothing for Judy in the  meat clubs only the meat market - Single Rotarians and we had a quick look but nothing worth crawling over cut glass for.
Watch this space and will see you all next week
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie OY! OY! OY!
Pres Deb and President Elect 2015 - 2016 Judy

Ian introduced Sarah Morcom
who is in year 12 at Caloundra High School.
She was one of 420 students selected for the National Youth Science Forum and now one of 35 chosen to attend a week long course in South Africa

Sarah admitted that her mum pestered her into applying through RC Caloundra Pacific, but we got the general idea it wasn't a bad experience.

The tour of Canberra by the Brotherhood of Rutherford chemistry group featured the Australian War Memorial,which was “big” and various laboratory visits.  After seeing the big bags of dirt up close, soil sampling was definitely off her career short list

The Heavy Ion Acceleration Facility unfortunately was “of no practical use”
They heard Jeanette Lindsay speak about climate change in the Shine Dome

The Science Disco was a definite highlight with costumed appearances by Sara Tonin and Copper Sulphate.  The crowd was tested at 31 males, 36 females and 33 unsure, so take what you make of that as we toast the next generation of scientists.

There was the Telstra Tower and the Science Dinner, with a speaker about the bio something gene code, and a chemistry lab with Fluorescein? a wind farm with no wind and 40º heat  ADFA blue prints, paradise punch (hey, this is what I wrote down)

There were seven Sarahs, and the fabulous Rotarians.
She has made contacts all over Australia and internationally
followed by a 22 hour bus trip

The international forum on South Africa will include Pretoria and an archaeological dig.

Ron asked if she had spoken at her own school “not yet”
and Gerry asked where to next “not sure - science or maths”

Sarah was a great speaker and was thanked by Pam, who was able to provide insight into South Africa


Darryl thanked us again for attending the visit from the Ugandan Rotarians
I think we all agreed that it was an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

Bernie produced their wedding invitation from Henni, our Finnish exchange student in 2007

Sergeant Gerry sorted us out , including some intolerance to “ a lot of lies and only a little bit of truth” as previously reported, and Ron alerted us to the dangers of pigeon soup.


On Tuesday 10th June our Guest Speakers are Darron Shields and Andrew Hopper from Paraplegic Benefit Fund.
Chair is Ron,  Desk is Judy and Intro is Ian.
On Tuesday 17th June our Guest is Carol Van der Gaag  talking on the E-Health System. Chair is Alan, Desk is Noel and Intro is Dr Bruce.

Our meeting on 24th June is transferred to Changeover Night at the Caloundra Golf Club on Friday 27th June, when Pres. Deb will change over with herself.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Feel like a Make-up?

30th May visit from Ugandan Rotarians

Thanks Darryl for this opportunity to meet DISTRICT GOVENOR EMANUAL KATONGLE -
(his area covers both Uganda and Tanzania) WITH 20 OTHER FELLOW UGANDAN ROTARIANS

27th May Meeting - Mandy Napier - Mindset for Success

Merv, on this last meeting for Autumn


Guest speaker (on short notice) Mandy Napier,
Welcome again to Heidi Solymosi, and
David Deane, RC West Winnipeg
David is staying with his daughter at Kings Beach.  He is their District Foundation chair and was a piano retailer.  His business had been running 130 years when it was sold.
As we are now breaking out the thicker T-shirts in preparation for the harsh Winter ahead, David explained how their swimming pool had still not thawed from their last Winter, which had temperatures down to -50º C a couple of times.

International Toast
Norm proposed a toast to RC Bangkok
Established in 1930, and first in Thailand
They have 92 members from 24 nations
They meet 2:15pm on Thursdays at the Grand Hyatt
for make-ups there, Darryl explained the post 8:00pm curfew currently in place


Stuart, John & Pauline, Ron, Lauren


Sunday morning 5:00am at the Relay for Life
Friday gathering - but apparently not counted unless at the Beerwah Hotel
Mark at District Assembley
Noel & Alan at the shed

Presidents Report
A special welcome to Heidi, who works with Coronis Real Estate
Presidential Citations
Deb & Merv doing mock interviews at Meridan College
Relay for Life successful if a little early - needed a recovery breakfast a little later
Ugandans on Friday
USC BBQ’s x 3 coming up 21, 23, & ? July - clashes with RYDA again
Mark, Merv, Helen, Genta, Judy & Deb off to Rotary Convention in Sydney


Helen introduced Mandy - “Mindset for Success” - Google it
7 Steps to Happiness Claim your free E-book now!

Know that your mind is your greatest asset. It is a limitless reservoir of pure potential, infinite riches for you to discover and harness to create the life of your dreams. It is the key to living a happy and fulfilled life!
    •    Know how to access the deep areas of your mind
    •    Look in the right place to truly live a happy and healthy life authentically

Thanks Helen


Mandy is originally from the UK.  She travelled in her late 20’s including to Australia later moving here.  She represented Aust in sport, and has been on the SSC for eight years.

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious?
(well it’s still early in the talk)
Well welcome to humanity.
When you’re stressed you can’t function.

Mandy has travelled the world - people in Africa with nothing are happy, business high flyers are stressed.  She has competed in the Hawaii iron man triathlon where she met her match in 38º heat on a lava field, and in the mountains near Nice where 30% didn’t finish (doesn’t sound so nice)

But her body “fell apart” and she couldn’t walk - the top phisios were no help. This was 16-17 years ago.  She had relationship problems

She turned her life around, came to the Coast, & met a new man

Mandy said she would give us two simple techniques to help based on neuro-plasticity

When you wake up, think “what are we doing today?” How do you want to be? eg. fun, focussed.  Think about your deepest value.  Make a quick statement eg. breathe in calm, breathe out stress.  Stopping once an hour for one minute to meditate equals a 20 minute.session.  Harvard research shows that after 120 days people felt better

Write down three of your successes at the end of each day.  We are hard wired to look for negatives eg. what we missed.  The brain rewards with dopamine.  It takes 30 days to break patterns.  A NASA experiment stressed people by making them wear goggles which reversed their vision (up to down) - after 30 days, all had adjusted.


Helen asked those who joined from another Club to put their original joining date on the RI data management system.  RC Caloundra will be 60 in October.

Gerry sorted us out with a lot of lies and only a little bit of truth.