Monday, 27 July 2015

28th July Vocational Visit to Paleo Place

Chair Bernie
Rare photo of Vicki at sunrise
Don't forger Roger still owes $1.00
Helen, Alan, Gerry, Lyn, Norm Anna

Ian's partner Vicki, Genta’s partner Mai, Chris’s partner Glen, and Iain’s partner Marion

BBQ yesterday and of course RYLA
Mark met with the new District treasurer
Darryl met with Leo Smith re Choiseul

President Judy
Sat at Aspley, RYDA, BBQ
Solomon - Darryl going early.  Genta, Alan & Jim from Mens Shed
Our host Kathryn gave an outline of the Paleo diet.

Ron - Vietnam Vets Day 18 Aug.  6:00am Dog Memorial, Lunch at RSL $30, 50 years Engineers.  Next Year Long Tan.  2nd coming of ANZACs

Tip from Merv “use clamps”
Darryl - after today’s breakfast, promises to be regular at next regular meeting
Hi Alf,
Here are the club members Make-ups for last week
Monday 20th July               Merv, Ron, Bernie, Alan, Pam, Neil, Judy & Keith
Tuesday 21st July              Merv, Alf, Myla, Gordon, Neil, Judy, Stuart, Keith, Alan
Wednesday  22nd July     Merv, Alan, Bernie, Pam, Judy, Chris, Noel
Thursday 23rd July            Chris, Pam, Bernie, Myla, Merv, Alf, Noel, Judy
Wednesday 28th July       Pam, Deborah, Judy, Bernie, Merv, Alan

Chris and Alan was setting up RYDA on Tuesday 21st and 27th July  and I’m sure Pam was organizing the food on both those days also
Thursday 23rd July            Alan was at RYDA at some stage as I’m sure he was helping with the Men’s Shed Bunnings BBQ which is where Keith was.
Thank you
Judy Clark
0408 782 728

 Deborah & Michelle
RDYA  Photo Caloundra Club Members
Alan was busy so didn’t get in photo

Monday, 20 July 2015

21st July - Gordon's and Myla's first rotary experience

Here is a photo from Gordon's and Myla's first rotary experience. We'll have them back again!
Stuart Glover
The Salvation Army - Caloundra Corps

21st July - Club Forum, and Lorelle Ward's Vanuatu Mission


Julianna, Sue, Helen, Anna, Neil

Mark’s partner Lorelle, Alf’s guest Gordon Hamilton, Alan Still PDG of Dist 9640

BBQ yesterday and of course RYLA
Mark reported a triple makeup at Port Vila, District Board and on Saturday, with thinly veiled enthusiasm, handed over to the new District treasurer

New President Judy got straight to work with the induction of Gordon Hamilton whose category shall be known as Sporting Goods Services.

Next was the transfer from RC Burleigh Heads was PDG Alan Still OAM whose category is Construction Services. 
Mark introduced Lorelle who spoke of her achievements in getting aid to their previous home in Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam devastated the region.  Their daughter Olivia had spent her first six years there when they lived there as expatriots.
Their Facebook appeal netted $900 in the first week and $1800 in the second.
On visit one they were able to take 120kg stuff and on the second visit 267kg
In recognition of Lorelle’s behind the scenes Rotary work over many years, Judy presented Lorelle with the Paul Harris Fellowship which she should have received at the Changeover dinner.
Alf spoke about membership promotion

Judy noted that the goal for the year would be around mental health.  Our work with Men’s Shed has also been in that direction.
We need models for Hat Day.
Deborah will organise the Car Boot Sale, buts wants some assistance.  Roger can help with site planning & Council approval.

(sorry Bernie, I should be more careful as you are my only reader)
Alan 500 today fro BBQ & yesterday
Merv RYDA Wed & Thurs next week. Councillor’s grants
there was a whip around
(ouch that hurt!)

20th July USC BBQ

Some photos from Bernie

Sunday, 19 July 2015

17th July Changeover Dinner

Welcome to the Blingdom of Rotary
 Straight to work
 Lining up for a photo
Anna - your turn will come