Monday, 26 August 2013

Reel 3/9/2013

Julieanna opened the meeting of 27/8/13 on schedule with Rotary Grace and welcomed all those  in attendance ,Alan took responsibility of and  finances at the desk.
We toasted a Colombian club in Bogota,"Ridgfield Park" who meet on a Wednesday night at 1800 hrs.,thank you Deborah it is so long since we have toasted a fellow club.
We were fortunate enough to have the company of Nevell And Linley McPhee (Redland Bay Sunrise)  and Jan Conti (Darwin Sunrise). Jan has been our guest for some time now but is soon to return to her home town much to the protestations of one Gerry Swan who is now going to have to revive his culinary and housekeeping skills!
Apologies came from Neil Costello and Noel Begley.
Makeups .Deborah and Ann attended the the "Senior Citizens" meeting as planned at the CCSA hall and were duly presented with the certificate as promised while Gerry Swan bragged to us of his  makeup at Darwin Sunrise .
We can donate book vouchers at SCU for the young mothers attending from STEMS, obviously a very worthy cause.
Darwin Sunrise, Jan Conti's club sent a certificate of appreciation from ROMAC to be presented to Jan for her work in supporting the children of East Timor, congratulations and keep up the wonderful work Jan !
Dr. Bruce introduced our guest speaker ,Geoff Moller. Geoff is a specialist in trade marks and intellectual property, was born in Nambour and has lived all of his life on the Sunshine Coast.He may be scrutinised via his web page, for those who wish to know more.
Geoff is very enthusiastic about social media and feels that we aren't utilising its obvious benefits in retaining members, attracting new members through informing them of our projects and causes,aims or philosophies if you like. He used the word" engagement "when speaking of social media , by this he meant getting people involved on line and once their attention is grasped then marketing can begin.
There are five major English based web sites (many many more in other languages ) for people to communicate on and they are ,Facebook,Twitter,YouTube ,Linked in and Google.Geoff suggested that it is through these Social Media Sites that we should be directing potential  recruits and interested individuals to our web site which he added was very dull,boring and just un interesting .
In summing up Geoff said that we should build the site using the following;
What would make the Rotary Club of Caloundra attractive to potential members?
Decide what you want of your new supporters and members?
Think of the next generation members and how best the club can and should engage them and attract them, ie. marketing , PR, social media our projects and causes, this is the information saturation era.
Also we must be seen to be supporting honourable causes and embrace members and engender a feeling of belonging. ( I think this  is exactly what Rotary is about !)
Julieanna thanked Geoff for his observations and suggestions which were most welcome and gave him a pair of our  wine glasses as thanks.
Directors reports;
Helen is quite pleased with the response to the combined dinner next Thursday night with the "Cluster" clubs, should you wish to nominate at this late stage, contact Helen NOW !
Wednesday night is our dinner outing at Il Piccolo's Restaurant ,Golden Beach 1830 hrs.
Margaret has asked that we think seriously about the club's long weekend away  to the Borumba Deer Park 17/18 January 2014, she will need answers in the next two to three weeks.
Deborah has been discussing "thank you " gifts for guest speakers with Tom from the "Men's Shed", apparently we are going to go in that direction.
John Hanley needs another person to make a team to compete in Caloundra Pacific's golf  day Sunday 8/9/13 ,cost $40.00 per player.
Our sergeant Gerry Swan then fined most of us with irritating glee, he certainly knows how to rub one up the wrong way ( all in good fun 'though)
Meeting closed at 0800.
Next week;
Chairperson ; Mark
Desk ; Judy
Introduction; Graham

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Reel 27/8/13

Meeting,Caloundra Rotary Club 20/8/13
Chairperson; Lauren
Desk; Alan (supposed to have been Roger)
The meeting  opened with the usual protocol ,Stuart Glover gave the international toast honouring his favourite city , New York.
Cathleen Phillips was our only visiting Rotarian from Thuringowa, a suburb of Townsville.
Visitors from Unity College were students Chole and Kayla with Lisa the College's year 10 coordinator ,they were here as our guest speakers.
Deborah and Ann made up at Meridan Downs College where the conducted mock job interviews with students ,they both agreed that the standard of those interviewed was very high and they would all have been successful !
Apologies were received from Margaret ,Genta and Neil
We received a " thank you " letter from Catrina Nelson, a single mother and student of Burnside who was awarded our bursary of $300.00 ,we obviously chose well as so many recipients don't bother to acknowledge their benefactors.
Be also aware that the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce AGM is on 12/11/13 , as we now have an affiliation with them it may be advantageous for some members to attend.
Deborah is hoping to secure the booking of Phyl Emmanuel ,a guitarist of great acclaim ,to donate his time towards a fund raising concert with the proceeds going towards "The Food Bank". Apparently she has some influence / connection with the artist and believes that he is more talented than his highly accomplished guitarist brother Tommy Emmanuel , I hope you are successful in your quest Deborah!
On Friday, 23/8  there is a concert at the CCSA hall ,Nutley St. Caloundra  doors opening at 9 Am.for a 9.30 concert start all for $3.00, RSVP please by 21/8/13 . The invitation was accompanied with a sincere " thank you " from the " Hall Committee" and the promise of a Certificate for our continued generous support both financially and with equipment.Its always pleasing to receive recognition for donations /  support 'though it's not sought.
Helen has requested that those attending the DG's dinner on 5/9 /13 would you please deposit the $21.00 per head directly into our Rotary account by 30/813 BSB 633 000 Acc.130984073 Reference
DG and then your surname .
Rudy introduced Chole, Kayla and Lisa who then spoke of their recent trip to Tonga , this the school organises every two years while hosting Tongan students and teachers in the intervening years all at the expense of the Australian side. The girls pointed out that Tongan people are very poor and very devoted to Christianity are subsistence farmers and education is compulsory . We were amazed to hear that Tongan girls predominantly attend further education and hold a higher status than males!
As meat is such a delicacy tinned meats such as "bully beef " and "spam" are substituted ,all of those who attended agreed that they were "off" tinned beef , fruit , vegetables and eggs comprise a large part of the diet which are in abundance.
The visiting Aussie students paid not only for their travel but also their host families for their accommodation , apparently hot showers , comfortable beds and the little luxuries we take for granted were missed . The generosity and friendliness of the Tongans is  legendary  ,a nation that is a kingdom ,never been colonized  and has a very  pious  populace and therefore probably run on Christian lines with the Mormons claiming  the title as the principal religion .
A lot of Tongans travel overseas to earn money to send back home to subsidise their families , many work in fruit picking gangs in the Burnett where they are most welcome as they adhere to strict Christian principles of honesty , sobriety and hard work.
The girls were wearing hand made dresses which they modelled very well, apparently the Tongan ladies make clothes without the convenience of patterns, very clever indeed !
Lauren thanked our guests for a most informative and interesting insight into Tongan culture and  their way of life , it seems to be such a simple existence to us but I suppose to them it still holds all the pressure of modern life !
Ian belcher spoke regarding membership,wishes to join Cal .Pac. to invite business people to attend our meetings and perhaps join Rotary, sounds like a good idea Ian !
On the 17/10/13 Pam informed us there is to be an Inner Wheel National  Conference  Dinner to which we are invited with an interesting  guest speaker.I am presuming we would transfer our meeting of the 15 Th. to this event , the cost is $25 for Rotarians  , 6.30 for 7 Pm.
John asked for more golfers to make a team to compete in  Caloundra Pacific's golf day as this was only reciprocating .
Helen is investigating the possibility of an out of town over night meeting in January at the Imbil Caravan Park ,cabins, vans and tent spaces are available.
 Darryl is  investigating new badges for the club, I think we all agree that the present ones are aged and are dinner plate sized , the new sample which Darryl had with him was quite tidy!
The meeting close early due to,the absence of our AWOL  sergeant but we did pass the dish around for donations .
Next week .Chairperson  ;Julieanna . Desk ; Alan .Introduction ; Bruce
Guest speaker ; Geoff Moller , marketing and Rotary.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Reel for 20th August

Meeting 13/8/13
Chairperson, Deborah Taylor.
Desk; Margaret
Meeting opened at 0700hrs. by our president Deborah welcoming our visitors who were past district governor and chairman of the Rotary Foundation Eric Wood,Ross Harrison,president CALPAC and Marilyn Rose from Penrose,Auckland NZ.
Apologies were received from Noel,Neil,Ron,Graham and Dr.Bruce.
Makeups; All those who attended the Executive and District meetings and Board meetings.
Deborah announced that the board had agreed to the donation of $2000 to the Salvation Army to go towards the supply and fitting of a roller door to the shed at the Sugarbag Road property in which we will be storing our trailer, a very worthy cause indeed as Gerry Swan will attest!
A list went around for those who wish to attend the evening at "Il Piccolo's" on the 28/8/13 for a three course meal costing $30 per person, a fellowship event.
Ann and Deborah will attend Meriden Downs College to satisfy the school's request to conduct interviews for prospective job applicants,this this a training exercise and I hope the two Rotarians pass.(ha ha)
Our annual fees were also discussed and from what I gather there was a reduction on the table for family members,I will advise readers of the full ramifications when I find out more.
Helen advised us that there will be a cluster meeting at the Caloundra Golf Club on 5/9/13 which will be attended by Trevor Taylor the DG,the evening will start at 6pm. sharp and finish at 8 pm.,cost is $21.00. Each club will be allowed to conduct a raffle as a fundraiser and this meeting will replace the meeting on Tuesday 10Th.

Eric Wood who was DG 2010/11 in district 9600 took over the role as TRF from Michael Gregory and although the term is for three years he inherited Michael's last year making his term four.
Eric went into depth on how to raise additional funds for projects both overseas and within our own district.Some concepts were quite novel and required a little creative thought especially in applying for grants in our our district by asking overseas clubs to become involved!
Deborah thanked Eric for his presentation .

Next week;
Chairperson ,Lauren

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Reel for 13th August 2013

Rotary meeting:6/8/13

Chairperson : Bruce
Desk: Alan and Darryl
Visiting Rotarians: There were none; our usual visitor Ken McMeeken has had a pacemaker installed (is it fitted, installed or added???) and we trust he recovers quickly.
Visitors: Major Fred Shaw retired of the Salvation Army.
Apologies: There were none
International Toast: none (we really are slipping! )
Makeups: Helen attended a cluster meeting last Friday

Deborah presented her weekly report and here are some of the important points; Juliana has found a candidate for RYPEN, I think her name was Lauren.
Pam has a boot full of aloe vera should anyone want some (or a lot).
The think tank is on Tomorrow at Ron and Bernie Strong’s starting at midday, BYO lunch etc.
After attending the seniors forum Deborah has found a potential guest speaker to speak to us on  MS and has made a solemn decree to never attend it again!

Stuart introduced the guest speaker a fellow Salvation Army chaplain Major Fred Shaw who has worked in South America, Portugal and Australia, he is also involved with the RSL and spent fifteen years in Rotary, what a man !

Fred worked primarily in Brazil starting in 1963 his work was primarily with young single mothers who had offspring from incestuous encounters, tragic in anyone's eyes! He then trained Brazilian Salvation Army Officers, many of whom he had known from childhood.
He gave us an overview of the country which is 1/3 larger than Australia and has a population of approximately 190,000,000 It has a very well developed public transport system but judging by the number of documents one is required to carry at all times may be a bit totalitarian. He elaborated telling of a “bloodless revolution “in 1964 when foreigners were confined to a campus !
Boys must register for national service when eighteen  and should they be called up they have to give one year to their country. There is a very interesting system in place where voting is compulsory (like here) but a voter registration card must be carried and is required to be stamped upon presentation at the polling booth, without this formality being observed one will be denied employment! This also applies to the draft card  (for want of a better name) for young men, without this document employment is denied also. 
The spoken language in Brazil is  Portuguese and when he arrived he couldn't speak the lingo at all. He found interpreters didn't necessarily convey the correct meaning in either direction so he soon became very fluent in all of the language (swearing too).
Their daughter grew up in Brazil, her first language is Portuguese and when she started dating young Brazilian men he accepted the inevitable, now she and her Brazilian husband live in Australia! 
Fred is very happy that the Salvation Army is doing very well in Brazil however is disappointed with progress in Portugal where he was also stationed.
Bruce thanked Fred for his most informative and interesting talk presenting him with a gift voucher and a promise to call him back as he has many many more wonderful stories of his life's experiences!

Judy has organised a movie night tonight 6/8/13 at Caloundra’s no. 4 cinema at $6 a head, we are to meet at 01730 hrs. So bring some nibbles and drinks, it's our call when the show starts but some have suggested it begin early to leave plenty of time to have supper after.

Margaret is trying to organise a restaurant night out on 22/8/13 at Il Piccolos at Golden Beach, the cost would be $30 per head for a three course meal, if we can book for 40 people then we can have the whole venue, time to be advised.

Also....a reminder, 22/11/13 for the luncheon on the “Sea Princess”, $20 per head, contact Darryl Laing and get in quickly, this includes a bus to the ship and a “look over “the mighty vessel leaving 0800 from the transit centre.

Next week:
Chair: Deborah
Desk: Margaret
Club Forum: no guest speaker

Friday, 2 August 2013

Reel for 6th August 2013

Rotary meeting 30/07/13

Chair: Ian
Desk: Neil
Introduction: Genta
Visiting Rotarians: Ken McMeeken and Jan Conti
Apologies: Helen, Merv, Stuart, Judy, Ann and Norm

Ian opened the meeting by acting the “school teacher “ chastising Pauline for disruptive behaviour, the irony of the situation is Pauline of course is a retired teacher and no doubt his actions will be committed to her memory and will come back to bite him!

We had an email from Kevin Curd, coordinator Joint Rotary Clubs RYDA, thanking all Rotarians for donating 80 volunteer days towards RYDA, in particular Alf, Neil, Ann, Noel, Col, Lauren, Pam, Deborah, Stuart, Mark, Helen, Pauline, John, Bernie, Genta, Darryl and Alan. They tutored 507 students from 6 schools!

Deborah Taylor, our president announced she was going to be in the ranks of the “unemployed” as of Friday and therefore will have more time to dedicate to Rotary. She and Pauline are attending a seniors conference (in the interest of my longevity I am not repaired to make any comment!) Apparently the Council has funds available for community groups which can be applied for online, Pauline and Deborah are going to attempt to grab a “fistful of dollars” for the club, good hunting ladies!

Cards thanking us for their recognition were received from Lyn Ghan and Bernie Strong after being presented with PHF’s at the Changeover for their voluntary help and support.

A think tank is to be held at the Strong residence, we need to invent more ways of making money (Ron can be of help being a retired Police Inspector giving guidance as to the legality of some of the schemes!) date to be advised.

Genta introduced our guest speaker, Jason Crosgrove who, in spite of his many qualifications, has settled on a career in IT and Security. Jason showed us some absolutely amazing recording (video and sound) equipment. “Inspector Gadget” is alive and lives on the Sunshine Coast! His watch as an example was a telephone which can record sight and sound as well as show the time and had an inbuilt GPS, absolutely amazing! Apparently criminals are steering away from property with sophisticated surveillance equipment and searching  easy targets, jewellery is still the No.1 for ease of disposal ’though.

Jason was extremely helpful with any questions which were put and many of us came away with a greater understanding of what is available on the market in the “covert security” field.

Jason was thanked with the obligatory wine glasses presented by Ian.

Directors reports:

Lyn Roberts handed out three bursaries in front of a gathering of 200  to single mums at STEMS on behalf of Rotary at their Christmas in July which were most appreciated.

Darryl is taking a bus on the 22nd November to view and luncheon on “The Sea Princess” at a cost of $20 per person leaving at 8 am from Caloundra transit centre, contact Darryl.

Ron made mention that the SCU were considering naming the “Ride to Work” in honour of our past President Jim Adams, also the new trailer is to be known as simply “Jim”. (No doubt it will have different coloured wheels).
Next week:
Chair: Bruce
Desk: Darryl
Introduction: Stuart
Guest speaker: Major Fred Shaw, Salvation Army.