Sunday, 27 April 2014


Joint Meeting at USC flyer

Carols on Kings budget

See below for budget breakdown for Carols on Kings event.  Please let me know ASAP whether the majority of members want to pursue this.  I am sending another email which I sent weeks ago for your perusal as well.

The council will guide us through this process and will attend committee meetings as well.


STEMM charity function flyer

Hi Everyone

Please find attached an invitation to STEMM charity function.  Would be nice to get a Rotary Table organised.


Kawana Relay for Life BBQ discussion

Hi Guys
I said yes to this but we would only need half the members to help that we have at university as CALPAC will look after the other half.
Hope you are agreeable to this.

I actually said to Ross that it would be a good idea, but had not committed anything so hope we can put a team together.


Begin forwarded message:
From: Ross Harrison <>
Subject: RE: Kawana Relay for Life
Date: 25 April 2014 5:50:51 pm AEST
To: Tom Turner <>
Cc: Deborah Taylor <>, "Will Waterford " <>

Hi Tom
Both Caloundra Rotary Clubs are willing to provide volunteers to cook for "Kawana Relay for Life" on the 25th May.
We have several BBQ's and a Marquee.
Maybe we can discuss the logistics at little closer to the date.
Ross Harrison
Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific
M  0418 725876

From: Tom Turner []
Sent: Monday, 14 April 2014 14:05
To: Ross Harrison
Cc: kristy jedyn
Subject: Kawana Relay for Life

Dear Ross,
I hope this email finds you well.

Kristy has asked me to provide a little information on the Kawana Relay for Life.

This year's Kawana Relay For Life is anticipated to have 60 teams entering and together aiming to raise over $100,000 which will fund vital cancer research, support services, education & early detection programs in the community.

The Sunshine Coast Region has had face to face counselling introduced to the Maroochydore office since July 2011 and in December 2012 we added a wig library - allowing cancer paitents to meet with a local hairdresser who styles and advises patients' and loans out a wig for their time of need both of these services are at no cost.

Cancer affects every Queenslander in some way. Each year, more than 21,000 Queenslanders will be diagnosed with cancer and more than 9000 will die from the disease.

By partnering with the leading anti-cancer organisation in Queensland, you will be linking with an organisation dedicated to cancer control.

We are currently looking for a community organisation to cook the breakfast for all of our event participants. We have been successful in gaining donations for all breakfast foods, we simply need it to be cooked and served. Breakfast will be a simple Bacon and Egg Roll, but it's quite a challenge when there are 500 people to feed!

We would love it if you can come on board and help with breakfast, the grounds also have a few extra BBQ's that you can use to help cook.

Please contact me on 07 5451 6003 or email<>  should you require any further information regarding the Kawana Relay For Life.

In Anticipation of your support - Thankyou.

Tom Turner
Relay For Life Coordinator, Sunshine Coast

T: (07) 5451 6003  F: (07) 3259 8470
PO BOX 795 Maroochydore QLD 4885
Cancer Council Queensland
Working towards a cancer free future
Kawana Relay - 24 & 25 May 2014 - Kawana Waters State College
USC Relay - 29 & 30 August 2014 - University of the Sunshine Coast
Nambour Relay - 30 & 31 August 2014  - Nambour Showgrounds
Noosa Relay - 6 & 7 September 2014 - Sunshine Beach State High School
Hinterland Relay - 18 & 19 October 2014 - Glasshouse Sports Complex
Gympie Relay - 25 & 26 October 2014 - One Mile Football Club

22nd April Meeting - Anna Wheildon - My Life & Job


Lighthouse Centre Bus Garage complete

Photo of the finished Lighthouse Garage for our blog site - great effort by the Men's Shed guys - we should have them as guests for our breakfast meeting say Tuesday week to say a big thank you to them!



Members making news

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

15th April Meeting - IFYS


Guest speaker Helen Brafield & Tony
Steven Smith, Stuart’s guest
Hans Hartel, President RC Jimboomba
Anthony Pignato

International Toast
Darryl broke the normal protocol and listed some important Rotary “firsts”

•• The first Rotary club meeting was in Chicago, Illinois, on February 23, 1905.

•• The first regular luncheon meetings were in Oakland, California, chartered in 1909

•• The first Rotary convention was in Chicago in 1910.

•• The first Rotary club outside of the United States was chartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, in 1910

•• The first Rotary club outside of North America was chartered in Dublin, Ireland, in 1911

•• The first Rotary club in a non-English-speaking country was in Havana, Cuba, in 1916

•• The first Rotary club in South America was chartered in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1918.

•• The first Rotary club in Asia was chartered in Manila, Philippines, in 1919.

••The first Rotary club in Africa was chartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1921.

•• The first Rotary club in Australia was chartered in Melbourne in 1921

and which was the first club to have women members Darryl?
OOPS! and Darryl cops a rap over the knuckles 

Judy, Lyn. Bruce, Neil, Helen, Noel, Ron & Bernie, Gerry, Ian


Alan (many times) for the Lighthouse Centre bus garage construction

Presidents Report
Alan needs help with the shed.

Libby’s memorial was well attended by the Club.  Alf passed on his thanks on behalf of the family

We’ll have Christmas in July with Cal Pac at Meridan State College

RUSCCF Joint Meeting May 21st
Darryl will have 21 Ugandan Rotarians in town and if the program works out they may attend.

Think about how to distribute our surplus monies to worthy causes - coming up soon!

Carols on Kings - Ross & Tony from Cal Pac and Deborah met with Council.  Council would supply $30,000/year and two people to help for the three year contract.  Cal Pac is keen.  Deborah would hand out the jobs (Don’t you worry about that).  Event to be family orientated.  We could earn money from commercial vendors.  Events Centre would be made available in case of rain.  We need a resounding “yes” from the Club to move forward.  Costs of fireworks raised.  RC Ashgrove do a similar event which could be a model.  The submission is due at the end of the month.

Iain introduced Helen and Tony from IFYS (Integrated Family and Youth Services) Helen is Regional Manager for Southern Qld. Their Management & Administration is in Warana.  They started in the 1980s and now have 250+ staff.  They have child protection services - 300 families helping and they are looking for more.  Children are wards of the State or under justice orders. 

Helen spoke about the children as being “so damaged for so long” and the need for them to re-engage with society with a dependable framework around their lives.

She is obviously dedicated to her work and brings a structured business approach to the service.  She also spoke at 100mph and I had little hope of keeping up with my notes.  The images, from the film she presented and her Powerpoint presentation, give a good indication of the scope of their work.  We ended up with 30 seconds for questions.

love a good pie diagram!
Pauline noted that the publicity for the Golf Day somehow morphed into Cal Pac’s article about the Trivia Night. (see earlier in the Blog)

Julianna passed on the sad news of Susan Ward’s suicide.  Susan helped with cleaning up litter in Dicky Beach and had donated change she had found to Rotary.

Ann promoted the RUSCCF Joint Meeting - guest speaker is from PNG.

Visiting Rotarian, Hans Hartel, President of RC Jimboomba, spoke to me about their efforts to attract women members to their Club.  After a brief chat with Pauline he didn't think it was so much of a problem.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Final Alteration to Venue and Time of Libby's Funeral

Dear Pres. Deb and Multi –skilled Bulletin Editor Roger,

I am very sorry to put you to more trouble ,  but the weather forecast for Monday is  now adverse and so this afternoon we have had to re-schedule Libby’s Funeral to enable everyone attending to be certain of not getting wet.

The Celebration of Libby’s Life has now been moved from Buderim Lawn Gardens to the Headland Golf Clubhouse at Golf Links Road, Buderim  with an  11.15 am start on Monday. 

The Headland Golf Club is about 1 kilometre only from the original venue. Proceed past  the Buderim Gardens Funeral site and continue up the hill towards Buderim , until the next Traffic Lights, and turn left there at Golf Links Rd. The Club house is only few hundred metres  away and on the left side of the road.

Deb. would you be good enough to notify our members in case any  are wishing to attend.
Many thanks, Alf

Currrent Program

ROMAC Trivia Night publicity

and who belongs to that little smiling face hogging all the publicity?
and no, I'm not talking about the bear

Lighthouse Centre Bus Garage under construction

Thanks to Alan & the Men's Shed guys


Thursday, 10 April 2014

8th April Meeting - Dr Amanda Frache - Wellsure


Jeff Taylor, Amanda

Graham, Gerry, Neil, Ian, Helen, Noel, Norm, Ron


Presidents Report
According to Facebook, its Graham’s 54th birthday, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) Graham is an apology today so we didn’t end up singing Happy Birthday.

RYDA was extremely successful - thanks to Iain for providing a vehicle and to Ann for catering and wounding her leg so the Ambos had something to do

Alan, Deborah, Ross and another from CalPac meeting Catherine from Council Events Section to talk over the possibility of Rotary running the Carols on Kings event.  Council would provide $30,000 start up funding.  Any comments from members?

The announcement that next week’s meeting would be in the bar caused a ripple of excitement among some of the members.

Thanks to Laura from Oaks for providing water on the tables - wonder how she’ll top that next week.

Work on the Lighthouse Centre bus garage starts today.

that's better - nothing like a bit of encouragement from the Blog
Gold toenails even!

Ann introduced Dr Amanda from Wellsure.  Amanda is originally from Canada where she studied to be a chiropractor. (still a trace of an accent there)
Amanda gave us a rundown of her to-ing and fro-ing around the planet at such speed that I nearly suffered from writer’s cramp, so I hope I got it right - continued study in Australia, married, had two children, moved back to Canada, then Australia again and a third child, been on the Coast eleven years, then started with Wellsure in December last year.

Wellsure provides an holistic approach to health which involves chiropractic, naturopathy, spiritual, movement, massage and acupuncture.

There are four elements to health - nerve supply, movement, nutrition, and spirit.
Nerve supply can be under stress from physical, chemical or emotional sources.  Chemicals include food, liquids & drugs and can be ingested or absorbed through the skin.

Kind of like “kinks in the hose”
hope my hose doesn't look like that

Movement, or lack of, can be problematic.  The body requires movement to stay healthy.  Short bursts of movement are good for brain function.  Wellsure does yoga and pilates.  Amanda finds her half hour walk in the mornings keeps her less stressed.
 Wellsure has a naturopath and dietician fittingly called Jade Sultana.  Amanda covered proteins, fats (coconut oil is good) vitamins & minerals.
The food pyramid is a little off balance, with Amanda recommending a more paleolithic diet with less gluten.  As an architect, I don’t recommend glutenous foundations for my pyramids either.
For spiritual wellbeing, Rosie Barker from Wellsure, includes clairvoyance in her repertoire.   The brain/body connection is essential for health.  Listen to your spirit.
Mark let us know that District was responding to the recent flooding in the Solomons with some natural disaster funding.

Sergeant Bruce escaped any nasty cross fines for maybe crossing the line last week - he’s lucky nobody reads the blog!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Lighthouse Centre Garage

Hi Deborah,

Can you please send the message below to Club Members

"We have now made payment for the supply of the Lighthouse Garage and all the materials are now on site with an erection manual with details to proceed with the building of the garage - the school has poured the slab last week and it is proposed that the garage be erected during the next two weeks whilst the school is in recess for the first term holidays. Have spoken with Tom Lew, and the Mens Shed guys (Howard & Colin), despite the problems they have with their current location, are keen to do the erection of the Lighthouse Garage with the support of Rotary volunteers. We propose to start next Tuesday and Wednesday so we need two volunteers to support the Mens Shed guys to set out the structure and start erection of the main frame - there is also some corrective local drainage works that needs to be done - I will be there with Colin and Howard both days so if members can help ( even for a couple of hours) please let me know - all you need to bring is your good self with a pair of gloves to protect your hands and be a "gofer" to support the erection process." This a great project to support students who experience learning difficulties in the Caloundra region.

"Aedificamus in Aeternum"


Hmmm, aedificamus in aeternum, that reminds me, better bring some cold galv touch up paint.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Men's Shed update

Hi all, just a further update to advice the Men’s Shed program has now been “suspended” until we find a new shed.

We are still hopeful of relocating 20 or so Men to a new location but for the time being equipment is “partially” stored.

There is still a great need in the community for this style of program to operate. We have enquiries every other day for connectivity. 

If you hear of anything, please keep us in mind.

Kind regards

Tom Lew | M. 0410 451 594

1st April Meeting - Gian Luca-Reinhard - Switzerland

(Bernie deserves extra points for being at the lectern at 6:30am to coordinate the finer points of her presentation - no telling what stuff-ups have been built into the chair’s running sheet)

International Toast
Norm’s back up to speed and proposed a toast to RC New Delhi.
The world is almost polio free and New Delhi has been the command HQ for India
Unfortunately Norm left the last three polio affected countries at home (Nigeria, Afghanistan & Pakistan) I knew Norm had a big house - but three countries ??

Maybe RC Caloundra could get some dancing girls too

Ian from RC Glass House Mountains, Gian

Pam, Gerry, Neil (Helen has a broken arm)
Ian (cruising the Pacific) Helen - As I will be away for five weeks, would someone kindly take the minutes at our April meeting
& nearly Judy (who may have just been early for next week’s meeting)

Conference - Deborah, Helen & Mark - any others?

Presidents Report

Seems Gian was another of Deb’s USC BBQ/guest speaker victims -
wonder what they were putting in the sausages.

With help from Men's Shed, hopefully we will be working on the Lighthouse Centre bus garage during the school holidays.

RYDA today - lots of attendees.

Great speakers at the Conference
Quote from Einstien via Bernie Tamba-Lebbie -
“If we knew what we were doing it wouldn’t be called research”

No bites from last week’s comment about Deborah’s Photoshop skills -
It’s lucky that nobody ever reads the Blog

 say what?
Alf introduced Gian, a 22 year old student from Switzerland doing a “top-up” business degree at USC.  In winter he is also a ski instructor.

 flower power meets the Swiss army knife

Gian gave a most interesting account based on spelling out Switzerland and basing a topic on each letter.  Good thing he’s not from somewhere like Fiji or Togo, cause he would have had trouble filling the twenty minutes.

                                                            so that’s where it is

Switzerland was founded in 1291, it’s not in the EU so there is no Euro.  It’s eight million population fits into 43 kilometers square  (Australia is 1200 times bigger) Luckily, the reflections in the lakes make it look like there's more land.

confused yet?

They have no oil or gas, but plenty of water.  Glaciers, which cover 3% of the surface area, are melting, meaning more water.

Zurich has 300,000 people, but is not the capital (the correct answer is Berne)
The Rotary Club of Obwalden has 60 members, but only four women.
Ab sofort steht die neue Homepage des Rotary-Club Obwalden zur Verfügung. Der Rotary Club Obwalden wurde 1957 gegründet und zählt derzeit 61 Mitglieder. Die Mitglieder treffen sich wöchentlich zum freundschaftlichen Austausch.
Viel Spass!

Projects include a ski/slide for the disabled and working with local musicians.

Switzerland has four national languages with 60% speaking Swiss German.  They can understand Germans but Germans cannot understand them.  Sometimes neighboring villages speak different languages.
Switzerland is 50% mountains (the Alps) with the Matterhorn the most famous.

The country has been neutral since 1884 and consequently has become the headquarters for many UN/diplomatic organizations.

The final letter D is for Democracy - Gian said he could speak for hours on this, but fortunately time was running out. Still, the elegant flow diagram captivated the meeting, even though it was hard to work out who actually was in charge.

Questions centered around confusion about the democratic process, and the relative costs of alcoholic drinks.  Dr Bruce let slip his long held desire to migrate to Switzerland, but it seems the Swiss have been forewarned and have tightened up their entry requirements.  Bernie thought she may have visited during their "three countries in half an hour" tour.

Pauline told us to expect the Golf Day article in this week’s Caloundra Weekly, complete with half price advertisement.

Mark gave us a rundown of Conference speakers, including Dr Bernie Tamba-Lebbie who spoke about the ebola outbreak in Ghana and closing of borders;  Adrian from USC about Antarctic ice runways, and Hazel Hawke’s grand-daughter Sophie who spoke on Alzheimer’s.  Bindi Irwin spoke on population.

Next year’s conference is on Bribie Island. I’ve always wanted to travel overseas.

Sergeant Bruce managed to fine all the women in the Club -

expect some “last word” cross fines next week.