Monday, 25 April 2016

26 April Meeting - Adam Cass - Gallipoli Experience & Lyn Roberts - A Farmer's Life


who battled on even after being told thongs weren't acceptable

A Farmer's life

 We saw a bit of this
Fortunately Lyn brought someone to blame

 He doesn't mind giving us a bit of bull occasionally

 You can hum the Bonanza theme about now

 And as the sun sinks in the West, he's ready for a coldie

Lyn, Maddie and Presidential wannabe Darryl

Monday, 18 April 2016

19th April meeting - Rotary Peace Scholar - Erica Rose Jeffrey



International Toast
Alan came in pretty close to home with a toast within our own District 9600 to RC Nauru.  There are 10084 Nauruans and the President attends every funeral, which is about 200 per year.  The Club was chartered in 2010 by a Sunshine Coast Club.  The approx eight members meet at the University of the South Pacific.

Erica, Bill van Ruff and Mario Sorci from Seattle, Roger’s partner Sally, Trevor Hudson from RC Albany Creek, Helen’s guest Christine Britton

Rotary in Motion

Thanks Vicki, that's much better


To keep you all up to date on our first Youth Committee Meeting this morning.  Bridget, Stuart, Trevor and myself were in attendance, Julianna and Natalie were unable to attend.

Let me say that Natalie, although not present, is extremely excited as I believe she already has two sponsors for her 'School Breakfast' project.  Will keep you posted on how things progress.

The discussion from this morning's meeting centred around a Mentoring Program for high school students, focussing on preparing years 10 - 12 for 'Life After School'.

Due to the expertise within our Rotary Club, it was suggested that topics such as:
Budgeting, Consumer rights, renting accommodation, purchasing the first car etc. could be covered by willing rotarians.

Trevor is to approach Julie Pazzoli (Principal of Caloundra High) to see if this could be workable.

We were looking at a 30 minute session, once a month, followed by morning tea! 

Stuart mentioned that the Salvos have a special program for teenagers with personal/emotional/anger issues and wondered if we have a project they could work on, i.e. packing birthing kits, something simple but meaningful. Any ideas?

Finally, as Bridget works with the Pyjama Foundation, she would like to invite a representative to speak at one of our breakfast meetings.

I think that is all for the moment, but will keep everyone informed on future up-dates.