Saturday, 31 May 2014


On Tuesday 3rd June our Guest Speaker is Sarah Morcom  prize winning NYSF student.
Chair is Pam , Desk is Alf and Intro is Noel.

On Tuesday 10th June our Guest Speakers are Darron Shields and Andrew Hopper from Paraplegic Benefit Fund.
Chair is Ron,  Desk is Judy and Intro is Ian.

On Tuesday 17th June our Guest is Carol Van der Gaag  talking on the E-Health System. Chair is Alan, Desk is Noel and Intro is Dr Bruce.
Our meeting on 24th June is transferred to Changeover Night at the Caloundra Golf Club on Friday 27th June, when Pres. Deb will change over with herself.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Kawana Relay for Life

A combined effort Rotary Club of Caloundra & Rotary Club of Caloundra Pacific working together at the Kawana Relay for Life


Can you bung this on the blog - we were all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Sunday morning cooking breaky for 500 weary walkers.  Then we in the RC club of Caloundra went and had breaky two for one deal at Currimundi Lakes, with lots of bacon and eggs, real coffee and dutch pancakes.  Agggggghhhhhhhh Sundays!

Great morning.


This is the biggest photo Deb could muster up

Friday, 23 May 2014

21st May RUSCCF Joint Meeting

Dear Bulletin Editor,
Could you please include this Roster which covers the period up to Changeover Night in your next Bulletin please. You will be pleased to note that Alf Muller has been suspended indefinitely from all Introductions on account of prolonged verbosity which is of course a lingering legal disease.
Many thanks,
The Rosterer

Our Program for next Tuesday 27th May is Guest Speaker Theona Abram , IGA Dicky Beach Award Winner.

Rostered in the Chair is Merv, on the Desk is Lauren and Intro is Helen.

On Tuesday 3rd June our Guest Speaker is Sarah Morcom  prize winning NYSF student.
Chair is Pam , Desk is Alf and Intro is Noel.

On Tuesday 10th June our Guest Speakers are Darron Shields and Andrew Hopper from Paraplegic Benefit Fund.
Chair is Ron,  Desk is Judy and Intro is Ian.

On Tuesday 17th June our Guest is Carol Van der Gaag  talking on the E-Health System. Chair is Alan, Desk is Noel and Intro is Dr Bruce.


Our meeting on 24th June is transferred to Changeover Night at the Caloundra Golf Club on Friday 27th June, when Pres. Deb will change over with herself.

If you are unable to attend as rostered above, would you please arrange your own replacement  and advise both Pres. Deb and myself

 Joint Meeting at USC
one of two tables
 Pre dinner conversation
Professor John Bartlett
 a few statistics to get us going
Guest speaker Ms Sarah Garup
"They call me Mama Pis"
PNG travel guide
How did this slip in?

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Kawana Relay For Life

Hello Everyone

I need about 4 volunteers for the Kawana Relay For Life.  Jeff and I can do it.  We will need the BBQ trailer but do not need to supply anything just us and we will be working in with CALPAC. 
All items of food, sauce, napkins etc will be supplied.  We will just be cooking bacon and eggs and making bacon & egg Rolls for about 500 should only take about an hour or so to feed.  The bad news is we will need to get there at 5:00 am for 6:00 - 8:00 am.  Ross will be sending a map but we will be near the Kawana Police station.

So in short need someone to get the trailer and others to meet there at 5:00 am.

Thank you


Hi guys some info about Relay For Life we need to feed the teams when they finish in the morning.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Kawana Electorate Office <>
Subject: 2014 Cancer Council Relay For Life
Date: 5 May 2014 5:25:49 pm AEST
To: Kawana Electorate Office <>


On Saturday, 24 May 2014 I will be participating in the 2014 Cancer Council Relay For Life at Kawana Waters State College.

Relay For Life is an overnight, community event where teams of up to 15 people keep a baton moving in a relay-style walk over 18 hours to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

Many in the community will know that my mother is a survivor of cancer and for years my family has proactively supported the Cancer Council in its their fundraising efforts.


I am participating in my mother's team "The Mad Hatters" and we are seeking much needed funds for our team.

We need your support to help to reduce the impact cancer has on our communities.

Every five minutes, another Australian is diagnosed with cancer. While survival rates are improving every day, cancer remains a leading cause of death. That’s why it’s so important that we raise funds to fight cancer.

Please consider sponsoring me for the relay.

Sponsoring is easy - by following the hyperlink below:

Or by sending a cheque payable to Cancer Council to my address below.

I hope you can assist and thank you for your support in anticipation!

Kind regards


Jarrod Bleijie MP
Member for Kawana
Minister for Justice
P: 07 5478 1189
F: 07 5478 1815
PO Box 1200 Buddina Qld 4575

Saturday, 17 May 2014

13th May Meeting - Derek Jones - NYSF

A mysterious stranger took centre stage and announced “I’m Helen Fox”
A few were tricked, but some with better memories recognized Helen
from the dim distant past and welcomed her back.

and happy Mothers Day all

Guest speaker (on short notice) Derek Jones,
RC Mitchelton Brisbane on his second of two meetings.
PDG Nevell & Linley McPhee -
I saw Nevell & Linley as I drove in, with Nevell beautifully turned out in his suit & tie,
and wondered if we were supposed to dress Hawaiian this morning
Jan Conti, RC Darwin Sunrise
Heidi Solymosi

International Toast
Special thanks Darryl for emailing it in



his area covers both Uganda and Tanzania


Can you please formalise an invitation to all members of our club and their partners.   I will need numbers for catering purposes so could they all please advise me direct-

-- hope they all read the blog

Fat chance Darryl - suggest carbon copy via carrier pigeon
and, FYI, Norm rates your toast at 7/10


Ron, Mark, Ann

Derek at Caloundra
Helen on her cruise

Presidents Report
A special welcome to Heidi, who works with Coronis Real Estate
Heidi hunted us down, and we hope to see more of her in the future.

Welcome Nevell, Linley, Jan & Derek

Joint meeting at USC on Wednesday next week
No meeting at Oaks on Tuesday morning
pay $25 into the general account ending in …-000
(if anyone is reading this - please inform Julianna by email)

Anyone wishing to carpool on Wednesday let me know

- sometime a bit hard to park at the uni - Deb

Area Changeover 28 June @ Bribie Island

Christmas in July - await info

Changeover will be on 27 June at the Caloundra Bowls Club -
already in your diary if you read and acted on last week’s blog

Friday 23rd May - 4:30 - 5:00pm, drinks & nibbles at Golden Beach Tavern

Alf was caught off guard in introducing Derek Jones as Derek had hastily been drafted to replace Janelle Rees speaking on Climate Change.

Undeterred, Alf soldiered on for another 15 minutes (leaving only five for Derek)

Alf recounted the life changing experience of our 1913 student Kate Smith and the subsequent talk by her mother Carol Smith

From our news archive...
Good Afternoon Derek,
I am writing to express my absolute and unequivocal thanks to you and all those involved in providing Year 11 students the opportunity to participate in the NYSF. As a parent who is revelling in watching the cocoon crack and the butterfly emerge, I can assure you that Kate’s experiences in Canberra assisted the metamorphosis to an extent that has been truly remarkable. An uncertain young girl who was doubting her abilities to be a part of such a smart group left on the Canberra bus and returned two weeks later conspicuously transformed. She has made friends with a group of students with whom she has maintained constant contact via skype and email and there are plans afoot to meet at Easter. Oh dear more travel costs! Kate’s focus on science has leapt a notch or two, her energy to make a difference in the world reinvigorated.  Her assessment of the time was something like “Mum, I found my niche, I felt accepted for who I am, there were no popularity contests, there were lots of challenges and I now feel a part of a big family”.

Derek, I know that this process could not occur without the support of many committed people. I am extremely grateful to all involved who have given the students the opportunity to participate in their journey of discovery in the big world away from school.

If there is anything I can do to assist the promotion of the program I am only too willing to help.
Sincere thanks

Derek has been District representative on NSYF (the National Science Youth Forum) for 14 years.

When Derek finally got to speak, he reminded us that he was hoping to be replaced at the upcoming 27 July meeting of the National Science Summer School Council, and for us to give consideration to prospective candidates.

“Life Changing” sums it up.  Although Derek thinks science is “dead boring and a waste of time” his dedication would suggest otherwise.

Derek also runs the Staff Leadership program orientation sessions, as students have the opportunity to return the year after as staff.  It is the Easter before, and includes a ten day trek (does budget not stretch to public transport?)  Recent trip was to the Kimberleys. 
Four return again as senior staff.

There is also an international program with prestigious locations including MIT and Stockholm, which includes attendance at the Nobel Prizes, dinner & ball. - Students need to be 18 plus.  Two from Sunshine Coast visited Pretoria recently - Check Anna’s radio station 8:30am tomorrow? morning  (double her audience)

There is a program for science teachers - a week of “real science”

The Indigenous Youth Science Forum, sponsored by Rio Tinto in WA pays for 30 students at Perth Uni for two weeks.  It’s similar to NYSF.  Derek suggests we approach Clive Palmer or Nevell McPhee to fund a similar program in Qld

Problem with venues with Perth now out.  Sydney, Melbourne Adelaide? UQ?

Helen thanked Derek and handed the floor to Deborah

who had the pleasure of giving two
Honorary Memberships
Firstly Alf was given the honour of introducing Nevell & Linley
(we’re slow learners here in Rotary) 

Alf had inducted Nevell when he transferred from Toowoomba.  He has completed 50 years of 100% Rotary membership from 1963 - 2013.  He has been President of Maryborough and Rockhampton Clubs.  He was District Governor when Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin and Nevell & Linley coordinated donations.  Nevell has three Paul Harris fellowships.

Deborah recalled being invited by Nevell to join Rotary.

In the five seconds remaining Nevell expressed his amazement at the unexpected honour.  Thanks to Alf & to Linley for her enormous support through 2800 meetings and 40 District conferences since 1963.  Back then in Maryborough it was men, and suits & ties only.

Gerry (also in suit & tie!!) presented Jan who has “given me some great pleasure”.
Jan has been a major supporter of ROMAC in her home club of Darwin Sunrise.  She has hosted patients in transit and also in her Darwin home,  She has been International Director twice, receive a PHF in 2009, and in 2013 received a Certificate of Appreciation from ROMAC.  Her hard work for Caloundra is also legendary.

Jan responded “I didn’t intend staying so long”


Darryl, for Lauren - something about about RYLA & RIPEN - help!

Alf announced the new honoury member induction course to be run by Keith.

Sergeant Gerry sorted us out.

Re: Invitation - Caloundra's Biggest Morning Tea
Yes good idea

Anyone interested?  See Pam’s answer below


On 17 May 2014, at 12:31 pm, Pam Snyman wrote:
How about we try and get a whole group to go?

On 16 May 2014, at 3:54 pm, Deborah <> wrote:

Please RSVP directly to Mark’s office if you are able to attend.

Begin forwarded message:
From: Caloundra Electorate Office <>
Subject: Invitation - Caloundra's Biggest Morning Tea
Date: 16 May 2014 3:09:30 pm AEST
To: "" <>

Dear Deborah,
 Please find attached an invitation to you from Mark regarding our Biggest Morning Tea event on Friday, 20th June.
We hope to see you there.
Kind regards,

Michelle French I A/Electorate Officer (Media and Liaison) Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays
Office of Mark McArdle MP
Minister for Energy and Water Supply for Queensland
Member for Caloundra
Ph (07) 5491 2780

Saturday, 10 May 2014

6th May Meeting - Vicki Taylor - Red Hot Spices

John was all prepared to hog the floor for the next ten minutes, but his cunning plan came unstuck as he had prepared for next week, not this week.
Still, he managed to soldier on and welcomed the guests

Guest speaker Vicki
Jan Conti, RC Darwin Sunrise
Derek Jones, RC Mitchelton Brisbane - “I’m Derek” - Derek helps coordinate the National Science Youth Forum and congratulated us for coming up with an applicant.

International Toast
Norm suggested we travel across the seas to toast RC Albuquerque, the desert capital of New Mexico.  They meet on Wednesday nights at the Hotel Albuquerque , but not 30th April apparently.  The big thing about Albuquerque is that they are the world centre for hot air ballooning (seems RC Caloundra is not the only club with copious amounts of hot air)
Point of interest is that James Packer didn’t make the cut - there is a maximum of 500 balloons.

Bruce, Helen, Ron & Bernie, Col, Lauren

Mark at District

 Hey! those tongs look dangerous
Presidents Report
“Hi Derek”

Joint meeting at USC register going round.
Big news is that we are now on the USC “Donor Wall”
In medical terminology we are “GPO” - good for parts only

Card from Alf passed around


Changeover will be on 27 June - put it in your diary now!

Then the chocolate muffins arrived
I’m sure Deborah said lots more interesting stuff,
but for some reason I didn’t take notes.

Pauline introduced Vicki with a “hot & spicy” welcome.

Vicki played the sympathy card early by admitting she was born 1957 in New Zealand.  Her parents were farmers running sheep (no surprises there) cattle, deer and goats.  Food was not very hot & spicy - meat & three veg - not even pumpkin pie.  Food shopping was on a monthly basis.  She was the eldest of four girls and hated working on the farm.

Could things get worse?  Well yes, - she was sent to boarding school, complete with disgusting food.  She was naughty at school, and the highlight of her culinary experience was salt, and lots of it.

She tried nursing, but seemingly as a way to achieve a higher goal - to get out of New Zealand.  But be careful what you wish for, because by 1985 she was working as a camp nurse in the United States, battling spoilt brats and allergies - until then, she didn’t even know what gluten was.

She worked in England as a nurse, in surroundings which would not be unfamiliar to Florence Nightingale.  She had the opportunity to travel, and she experienced spices in places such as Africa, Spain & France.  She was a good “basic cook” and loved cooking.

Life changed when at 28 she was engaged again and became a runner for an investment bank.  She thought she would “give it a go” and started at triple a nurse’s wage.  She was promoted to filing clerk, learned about banking, and eventually was an executive director.  Following were multiple jobs in commerce including coaching leadership & management.  She managed 60-70 staff with the lowest attrition rate in the company.
She set up an office in Sydney and also worked in Hong Kong.  Lots of travel - “too much”


She left commerce and ended up on the Sunshine Coast when her husband was transferred here.  A friend had suggested a career in spices - no jobs on offer so she decided to set up a spice shop.  After investigation, she decided on Bulcock St.  Caloundra’s “got heart”.  By 2011 she had a 50m2 shop selling herbs & spices.

Her mentors were an Indian lady in Bangalore and Ian from “Herbies” in Sydney.

She became addicted to chilli - it raises metabolic rate and has euphoric effects (blows your head off in more ways than one)

Herbs and spices have many health benefits - nigella seeds “cure everything except death”, tumeric fights free radicals, & cinnamon helps with blood sugar levels.  Cummin & cayenne also got a mention.

To store herbs avoid heat, light & moisture.  They contain volatile oils and “turn to dust”.  Ground spices have a life expectancy of approx one year, whole spices three years - check your pantry!

Questions included about local production from Mark - India, Turkey & Bangladesh.
Deborah asked about Gourmet Garden - some preservative, but good & fresh.

Mark - Blue Cards due.

Conference - check the email about the “purse sized bag” especially on Sunday - morning or afternoon only.  All phones arena is “high security” - sounds like a training run for the G20.

Darryl announced a free lunch at Happy Vally on Fri May 30th with his Ugandan visitors - sounds like a “big day out” with top end merchant bankers, developers & crooked real estate agents.

Sergeant Ian sorted us out.

Where is Gnomeo Iain?

Saturday, 3 May 2014

29th April Meeting - Cheryl McGrath - STEPS

The first thing the chair had to do was organise more chairs.
Well, we are the best little Rotary Club on the Sunshine Coast.

A special thanks to Bruce for running the desk (sounds like favouritism)
Ann gave a card to Neil for invalid Helen
And gave Noel a special welcome back

Guest speaker Cheryl
Anne Paddison - Merv’s chauffeur
Tom Lew & the guys from the Men’s Shed -
Don, Gerry, Patrick, George, & Jimmy, & maybe another Don? & another to come

International Toast
Norm toasted RC Detroit, for its “most colourful career”
or should that be “colorful”?
Meets Wednesday afternoons at the Athletics Club
Founded 1910, Club number 16
The Club has been demolished a couple of times
Detroit is now a ghost city, youths run wild, buildings are inhabited by squatters, the Police are not game to enter the city centre, people are burning the place down.
RC Detroit still produce a five page newsletter
“guts” sums it up

Darryl, Alf, Ron & Anna

Is that chocolate or gravy?

Presidents Report

Joint meeting at USC coming up.
Deborah’s mental state was confirmed in that she was the only one allowed a metal knife & fork last year (but be warned - appearances can be deceptive)

Christmas in July with Cal Pac announced.

STEMM Gala - looking for a table of ten.

& … “I’ll be back”

Judy’s eight page introduction was mercifully cut short as she forgot her glasses,
nether the less, Cheryl was officially introduced.

STEPS has been running for four years but the previous entity, CADET, had been going for ten years.  Cheryl noted the need to educate as many as possible on STEPS' role.  

Although they are partly funded by government contracts, they are a not for profit charity who assist the disabled and disadvantaged.  They also rely on community support to deliver their programs.

Some government contracts are around indigenous and refugee programs including teaching English.  State and Federal funding is very tight now, and the National Disability Scheme will be based on an “open market”.  They also do aged care training.

Their employment arm is funded retrospectively based on payments when clients have completed 12, 26 & 52 weeks of work.

An area where Rotarians can help is their mentor program, with four hours for one or two days per week providing great assistance.  Cheryl thought it a huge success, and not only because she was in charge.

Employment for the disadvantaged solves many problems in itself.  Businesses should consider “someone with a barrier” when hiring.

STEPS runs a nursery and recycle centre.  Good value plants can be brought at the George St site (entry via Ulm St, open mornings Mon - Fri)
Some of the workers are Centrelink clients doing 15 hours/week volunteering.

Some businesses are great supporters, an example being the Civic Motor Group.  It’s often hard to ask for help when the community thinks they are government funded.

STEPS is progressively going national, but is still not in NSW or Victoria.

Cheryl also discussed how the NDIS will work, and touched on their home support program

In closing the request again went out for volunteers and mentors.

In question time, Deborah mentioned the Downs Syndrome worker at Mitre 10.  People underestimate what these people can do.

Ann reminded us or the Joint Meeting.  PNG speaker is billeted with Angela Griffin in Maleny

Ian reported on Blue Cards.  mark has set up a data base - Email Mark with your card number when renewing.

Pauline congratulated Roger for his recent architecture award - see earlier in the Blog along with Judy’s award for the finest sausages in the land.

On her threatened second return to the podium (not that we even have a podium) Deborah presented a certificate of achievement to the Men’s Shed members for their work constructing the garage for the Lighthouse Centre bus.

There was also a special thank you to Alan.

Sergeant Gerry copped out with the poor excuse that no one gave him any dirt - maybe that’s why he grows orchids - no dirt needed.  We paid up anyway.

                                                      Darwinians taking over