Monday, 18 January 2016

Jan 19th Meeting - Dr Joanne Macdonald - Genetics & Molecular Engineering


International Toast
by Norm to RC Paris in support of France after the recent tragedy
Founded 1921
Dr Joanne Macdonald
Bernie’s guest Yvonne Porter
Sue’s guest Anne Boland
Stephen Engstron and Annie Knight
Roger’s partner Sally
Welcome back Jan

John & Pauline, Darryl, Ann, Graham, Gordon and Ron

President’s Address
President Judy welcomed our guests
Donations of $500 to Toowoomba Rotary District & $2,500 to Longreach have been made
Mercy Ships

Peter introduced Stephen.  His father Clive was a bank manager in Caloundra after he had escaped from Matlock Police. Stephen’s classification is Mortgage Broker

Helen introduced Joanne, who is working in the areas of molecular engineering, novel solutions, bio sensors, virology and diagnostics.
$100,000 from Bill & Melinda Gates is helping her along
She’s involved in Malaria & Ebola research and maybe some others too infectious to name. 

Joanne mentioned West Nile virus but promises the genetic version will be better.
I just Googled “Kate Winslet virus” and the first result is “Contagion” in which she stars.  Joanne recalls she did a two week trainee course to prepare for the role.

Things start to get pretty technical from here in with her work with Donald Landry for a cocaine antidote, enzymes which usually die at body tempeture, working to Phase 3 of a 2008/2019 timeframe.  Volunteers please step up now.  And “two babies since then”
We hear about DNA computers with a lot of swirly diagrams and three billion chromosomes per human, all of which could get chopped & diced, and you have the beginnings of a switch which can play tic tac toe.
Visual displays of viruses in a biosensor followed, and you can rest assured that no viruses were harmed in the experiments.  (that might be Stage Two) Don’t worry Rotarians, even high school students can follow this.  There is no limit to the number of dots between 7 to 27 therefore 7 to 27-1 which is 127 diseases.  Anyway, that’s what I wrote down.
(& I can't make those exponentials work)

(A few dumbfounded looks out there)

Alf thanked Joanne
Kieth has been seen moonlighting with the Men’s Shed BBQ

Next week is our Forum where we will discuss projects and our continued membership push.  Six and a half months into our 12 month 12 member target we now have seven new members.

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