Saturday, 19 December 2015

January Program & Roster

Please find attached our Club Program and Roster up to 16 Feb. 2016.
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I have also uploaded some RYLA stuff to our website

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

8th December Meeting - Rachel Witton from SunnyKids

 Meeting opened on time chaired by Alf, normal protocols were observed with Norm delivering the International Toast honouring the "Cosmopolitan Rotary Club of Cairo Zamalek" which meets at the Marriott. Their major focus is providing sanitation and  potable water to the rural districts in the remote regions of Southern Egypt. They have also partnered with a German group , Worms -Nidelungen and send nurses to be trained in Germany.

Presidents report.
Golf day is going ahead at Pelican Waters Golf Club on St Patrick's day 2016.
$1000. O0 was donated from the proceeds of the Melbourne Cup sweep to the Rotary Foundation.
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Those who wish can donate towards our own "Shelter Box" , any donations are tax deductible so watch for an email with bank account details to deposit donations into.

General business.
Those helpers attending the BBQ be at your stations on Thursday 10/12/15 ( this Thursday) at Bunnings please.

Rudy has officially retired and is off to "Old Blighty" to be with his daughter for Christmas and will return in March , he is looking forward to assisting with BBQ's next year.
( tongue in cheek )

Merve is going to compile a documented history of our club over it's 60 year life, it is envisaged that in the future it would be updated every 5 to 10 years.

Hat Day raised $1274.70 to go towards mental health.

Christmas get together is to be held at Norm's home , it is expected to cost $15 per head with catering contracted out, any additional cost to be borne by the club.

Genta spoke of the high operating costs of the new hospital in Gizo , as the power is diesel generated it's cost of $20,000 a month is draining their whole health budget to a point that necessities such as antibiotics and even oxygen can't be afforded.

Mila introduced our Guest Speaker Rachel Witton, Rachel works as "Business Development Manager" with "Sunny Kids"

Basically what they try and do is work as a safety net for vulnerable , neglected and abused children, what was disturbing is hearing that the cycle of violence travels from one generation to the next.School chaplains are an important link in the program often alerting of the plight of the children, when a child starts missing school days this can be a sign that poverty has gripped the family and the downward spiral has started, no food/lunch no attendance.Interestingly enough the Government doesn't consider children when funding refuges and 10,000 nights of emergency shelter (on average) per annum are provided on the Sunshine Coast.....that's sad!

It is said that it takes a Village to raise a child, all the support from extended family and others caring and looking out for that child's education and welfare.
A staggering 5,000 children are reported to children's services across the Sunshine Coast annually, the Village is broken!!

Should anyone wish to sponsor a child  through "Sunny Kids" it is $40.00 a month and this would be for Australian kids in our community, a worthy cause if ever there was one.

Alf thanked Rachel for coming and speaking to us , her talk certainly opened my eyes to the plight of children being raised in not so privileged circumstances.
The meeting closed a little late due to our Sergeant, Ian Belcher having compiled a large dossier on some of our notoriously recalcitrant members. 

Iain Nye
Another file photo - we can leave Alf with the stripes today

Thanks Darryl for these responses to our school burseries