Wednesday, 21 October 2015

20th October Meeting - Andrew Burns - Drugs in Caloundra


Good evening everyone,
Just giving you an address for our Vocational Visit on Tuesday morning
27th October

It’s at the Caloundra Airport at 20 Pathfinder Drive, Caloundra
Time is still 6.30am for 7.00am.

Kind regards
Bernadette Strong
Vocational Director

Ron “rearing to go”.

(Now here's a man who's written a few traffic tickets in his time)

International Toast
by Norm to RC Jakarta

Andrew Burns
John & Pauline’s daughter Liz Hurley

(no- I didn't make that up)

RYDA & BBQ at Bunnings

Darryl, Alf & Sue, Mark

 President’s Address
Judy welcomed our guests
Liz is here for Pauline’s birthday
Anna is a nanna - welcome to the world Sophia.
See Darryl’s Facebook post below
Heidi is working in the background
Melbourne Cup RSVP’s needed, and the roster for selling tickets is going around.
12 November DG’s visit - reports needed.
Vocational visit next week. 

Bernie introduced Andrew
RBT’s (Random breath tests) were introduced in 1982 after Malcolm Fraser agreed.
$100m cost of road accidents.
Victoria first in 1976, Qld last state in 1988.  In Victoria there was a 48% reduction in fatal accidents initially, and 15% overall.

Queensland changed from .08% to .05% in 1982 which had a big impact.

The Breathaliser is a quick process, with getting the GPS fix taking the longest time - takes about 30sec per test.  The tubes cost 8c each
A recent test at Tewantin for drivers coming off the barge caught four drivers in three hours.  A third were drug tested with four caught.
RDT (Random Drug Testing) was introduced in Victoria in 2004 (first) Qld in 2007, and ACT in 2011 (last)
This is more expensive.  The unit is used and discarded, the tongue is scraped, the sample tested, and if positive an evidentiary sample is taken from the wall of the cheek, it’s bagged and sealed, and sent to the lab in Brisbane where a certificate is issued in 2-3 weeks followed by a notice to appear.  All up it costs about $250. The typical fine is a couple of hundred dollars.

RDT’s test for THC, MDMA and Meth.  They are “targeted” with a Mini Q Lite (looks like an iPad) being used to check number plates, police records etc, and “how they appear” also taken into account (watch out Rotarians)  Detection is typically in the 1 in 30-70 range)
In the seven months to 2015, the Brisbane Section did 1029 RBTs with 90 positive therefore the strike rate was 11.4%.
Rudy noted it must actually be less than 10%
- Doesn’t he know 97.4% of all statistics are made up on the spot?

In the same time there were 362 positive drug tests with an approx 33.3% strike rate.

With alcohol, .08% is typically reached with three standard drinks in one hour, then one per hour.  For females it is one less (tough luck after the first hour)
Ron thanked Andrew
Hey Ron, remember that library book you borrowed back in 1976?
Well it was never returned
With compound interest, the fine is now $5,234,675.42
and you are under arrest 
Bernie needs numbers for the Vocational visit to Ross Harrison’s Cirrus Air
Judy - does anyone have first aid training?
Melbourne Cup ticket sales roster.

Tough luck guys - You have already paid

Would you buy a rug from this man?

OUR ROTARY SUCCESS WITH THE POLIO PLUS CAMPAIGN Because of Rotarian support, more than four million children who might have been polio victims are walking and playing normally. Since 1985, through Rotary’s efforts, and those of its partners around the world, more than two billion children have received polio vaccines and have been protected. There are currently three countries that are endemic: Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We must not stop our efforts until we give the children a Polio Free world!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Survey Results

Dear Members,  Thank you all for completing the survey last week.  As Alf and I will be away for the next two meetings I thought I should send you a summary of the results.

To sum up:

Most members would like the meeting to stay exactly as it is.  Only two members wanted to delete Rotary Grace.  5 members requested we delete the International Toast or at least restrict the time to just one minute. Three members suggested we have fines for the Sergent’s session.

7 members opted for meeting fortnightly.  This would require special permission but all other  members requested to continue weekly meetings.  Two members did suggest we have an occasional more relaxed meeting ie the gathering last week in Ben Bennet Park.

Unfortunately no-one raised their hand to take office as President, Secretary or Treasurer.  Quite a few members suggested that they were happy to serve on the Board in a less onerous capacity.  This will very shortly become an important issue because Anna will be looking for someone to support her next year as the future incoming President.   As a club we shall need to think long and hard about this issue. 

The names of three prospective new members were submitted.  Once again, it is very important for the life of our club that we look for new, young and enthusiastic members.  So we shall all need to put more thought into membership.   An expanded membership would help our office bearer problem which has arisen because most of our current membership have already served as President and of course many members wish to be able to travel without having to think about club commitments.

While most members are still willing to participate in our BBQ fund raisers only a few members are able to tow the trailer.  The responsibility to purchase food, keep the trailer tidy and set up is still a heavy burden on just a few willing members. 

Several members are endeavouring to make up tables for our Melbourne Cup Function but there are a few members who felt unable to support this event. Judy and Daryl have put quite a bit of work into this function and with the support promised it will be a success.

The Melbourne Cup Sweep tickets will be dealt with in the same way as last year.  ie all members will be asked to personally take 25 tickets.  As well as this we shall need a band of ticket sellers to “work the street market” and other established spots to sell the considerable balance.  This  is neither a popular or easy task but in the past we have always managed to sell all the tickets so we need volunteers for this fund raiser.

Our Golf Day will be organised by a team comprised of Gerry, Gordon and John Hanley and the usual additional support of club members on the actual day. This event is badly in need of corporate sponsors.   We need people like car dealerships, law firms, and local organisations who would feel they could benefit by being a sponsor.  If you have any ideas about potential sponsors could you please tell Gerry.

Really the best money made on a golf day is from sponsors who will pay big money to enter a team.  Unfortunately Caloundra Pacific have already scooped the pool and found at least 20 businesses willing to sponsor a team at $1000 a pop.   Somehow we need to find another 20 businesses in Caloundra who will support our day.  Thinking caps on everyone. 
The money is not made from trying to get tired golfers to contribute money to buy raffle tickets it is made in advance from sponsorships.

Ian Nye has very kindly offered to contribute to a “Seafood” dinner early next year.  This is a wonderful and very generous offer on his part and I am sure as a club we shall step up and turn his offer into a fabulous “fund raising earner”.

The last question was “what is  most important to you as a club member".

We all seemed to sing from the same song sheet here.

The camaraderie of our meeting was the most important part of our club.  Followed by

The meeting

The Guest Speaker

The amount of funds raised by our fund raising activities.

The breakfast.

Thank you all for completing the survey.  I think the responses will give us all a good idea of the health of our club and where we need to place our energy in the future.

Cheers,  Sue Muller