Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30th June Meeting - Rubie Orman USC/Cambodia

 Guest speaker Rubie Orman
(At least most of Merv was present)

International Toast
Norm made the surprise move of doing the next 36 years worth of toasts in one go by toasting the great achievements of the Rotary Clubs of Great Britain - England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales (that’s 1800 Clubs with 50,000 members)  Oak’s staff were quick to lock the doors to the dining area as a quick calculation verified just how much fruit juice would be necessary, and I think the Board should consider a retroactive motion that requires the Toastee to actually write to each toasted Club - That will keep Norm busy for a while.  Not surprisingly, their achievements took a while to document, including:

Improving the lives of people at home and abroad using the skills of members
Promoting peace
Preventing diseases
Access to clean water
Maternal & child health
Develop community ties

Pauline & John, Stuart, Ron, Deborah, Neil, Anna, Judy & Julianna

Sue’s guest Myla McLoughlan, Chris Milligan, joining our Club from Cal Pac, Rubie & her mum Debbie & Merv’s driver Anne

Alf, Sue, Noel, Mark, Bernie, Ron & Keith at Bunnings for a BBQ for the Men’s Shed where they made $550.
Deborah attended Cal Pac’s Changeover

Mark attended the District Changeover and almost picked up an award for our Youth program - Best picture of a trophy I've seen all week.
 President's Report delivered by Roger
(sorry no selfie)
Hi Everyone
Attended CALPAC’s Changeover on Thursday night to see Dan Thomasson installed as President
Paul Harris awards were given to Stuart White (Chappy at Caloundra High)
Donna Hammett receivd a PH for her work with Grandparents with Kids
Wish you success at BBQ with CALPAC at Qld Air Museum Open Cockpit Day
See you at Changeover - in Bendigo until 8th July

Pam introduced Rubie.  She was School captain of Maroochydore State High School, has just completed two volunteering visits to Camboda, and in her spare time is doing the Dean’s Scholar Program at USC - This is a fast tracked dual degree.  Last year she won the Young Achiever Award for her humanitarian work and she is also heavily involved in the Mudjimba Surf Life saving Club.
Someone turned the lights off - Rubie is a little blurred
(but the slides came out really well)
To manage everything in her life, Rubie speaks at 100mph, so please forgive this poor blogger as my notes are sketchy and mainly unreadable. This is what I think I wrote:
2013/14 fundraising $3,500 to raise.  RSL & Bond Uni funding. 
Orphanage in Phnom Penh - teaching English, orphanage farm, uniforms for students, laptops, extreme poverty, hydro garden & rice paddy
bus trip to beach
1975-79 killing fields
two houses for $15,000
visit to the circus.
Angkor Wat

At USC she is doing a Batchelor of Science with Honours in two (not three) years.  She is Majoring in Animal Ecology and minoring in Sustainability.

She is off to Cambodia again next week

Merv thanked Rubie
Just to show he’s still up to it, Merv delivered most of the Director’s reports.

Rosters going round for RYDA on Wed 22nd July, Thursday 23rd and Tuesday 28th July, working with Cal Pac, Kawana and GHM.

& USC BBQs on Mon & Tues 20th & 21st July

Cal Pac are doing a BBQ at QAM this weekend - We thought we were a bit over stretched - Halen to talk to Cal Pac - they can borrow the trailer.

Solomons booklet arrived.  Sasamungga on Choiseul.  Works are toilets & tank at the school, & toilets & tank x2 at the hospital.  Leo from Mooloolaba, Eddie can’tv go, Jim?, Darryl, Genta, Alan & Merv are good to go

Bernie - Afternoon of Sat 25th July - SSC Symphony Orchestra - fundraiser for QAM Tickets $27

Helen - Changeover RSVP’s better.

Sergeants Noel, Ian & Gerry have raised (extorted?) $1,700 this year
What about that chainsaw I wanted to buy Anne?
Let me think about it ....
Sergeant Noel
put the squeeze on

Roger is now a bit more careful about what he put in the Blog

as readership is now up to five. (gasp)

See..  He can get angry
The hand
The twins

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


23rd June Meeting - Cr Tim Dwyer - Local Issues

A special welcome back from Darwin for Jan
We adjourn to a special exposé of Norm's breakfast
and a close-up of course

Pauline & John, Merv, Stuart Graham Ron
Merv was actually involved in a circular saw accident and we were given the grizzly details. Hope you make a swift recovery Merv.


Tim, Sue’s guest Myla McLoughlan (watch this space) Father Fred & Barbara Ailwood from Toowoomba - Fred was the voice from the RC Caloundra’s National Anthem of old, Marco - Genta’s Italian chef, and Bill Lavery from the Men’s Shed


As if you had to ask, it was last night’s dinner at Genta’s - Thanks Marco & Genta

International Toast

by Norm
Rotary Clubs Rome (In honour of Marco)
Established 1924 and has 200 active members

Closed Dec 38 till 1948 so hope you didn't try to make up then
President's Report
by Deborah
Welcome to Tim and special thanks to his part in Council’s $7500 for RYDA
also $7500 from for the Men's Shed (the shed arrives today)
USC BBQ roster & RYDA July roster going round
Changeover Dinner RSVP ****
Deborah is marking the days off on her calendar - two years is a long time
A special word for James Ackerman who died playing football
2016 Australian of the year nominations anyone?
Bill gave a few words from Men's Shed, and mentioned President Jim and Tim’s help - the impossible has been achieved.  The green shed at Alan & Queen Streets is a “good shed” too.  Both will be really useful.  Mentioned the possibility of a recycling exercise at the tip involving a liaison with Endeavour Foundation.  Tim is a fixer.

Genta introduced Tim, and spoke about his ex professional football career at $50K a year.  He joined Council in 2008.

Please be kind Roger
Three Things
Caloundra CBD Streetscaping #3 at Felicity Park, Otranto, Lamkin Lane, Stage #2 Felicity to Chaps.  Should optimise for events with flush surfaces and accessible entries, more flexible for markets - can face stalls into shops for instance.  Fig trees to be replaced with hard Quandong (that’s Elaeocarpus obovatus if you were wondering).  Flood studies were done to see if we would be able to hold a bathtub regatta down Bulcock St when it rains.  Unfortunately no, according to the engineers.

A Task Force of 12 people will look at operational aspects such as public art vs vandalism, a “Renew” program.  Strategies include activating empty shops  - Start up business ideas could experiment for 30 days.  been successful in Newcastle.  It brings people back to town.  $22,000 is from the secret parking fund where $’s are set aside for Caloundra only.  There’s $3-400K hiding in there somewhere so maybe we could have a big party sometime - What do you recon Tim?

A Micro people mover pilot program - could be a golf cart or small bus - create a loop and have them at 10 minute intervals.

A CBD curator - Drew Westbrook - funded from the parking reserve.  Idea is to get the CBD working more like a shopping centre management model.

A CBD Master Plan including consultants, community reference group, Task Force (oops! there goes the big party idea)  Version #1 soon.  The Planning Scheme is OK, but we need to drill down further, incentive sites, and work out what to with Council’s extensive holdings including car parks, roads, bus interchange; and sort out the light rail.
Thanks Tim (but I think that may have been four things)
Pam thanked Tim too

Sergeant Noel
What!  no boos!

And no, this is not just last week's photo reversed

Monday, 15 June 2015

16th June Meeting - Jenna Cairney - Sunshine Coast Daily's new editor


Gerry for overdressing, Sue’s gone to Melbourne

Jenna, Bernie’s friend Jim Powden, Alf’s guest Myla McLoughlan

Merv, Deborah, Alan & Pam had a RYLA meeting
Gerry, Anne, Ron & Bernie attended Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and presumably mentioned Rotary in their conversation.

President's Report
by Deborah
Welcome visitors
Something about the San Andreas Fault.
Merv is the team leader for Solomons trip.
RYDA last week a success.  Men’s Shed BBQ at Bunnings on the 25th raised $600.  Four people needed for the next one
Changeover invites sent

Alf Introduced Jenna, the Sunshine Coast Daily’s new (& first female) editor.  Previous roles include working for The Land in Sydney and in Grafton and Chief of Staff for the Warwick Daily News.  She is engaged and there will be a wedding soon. She speaks Italian and has a Masters in Business Administration.

It was revealed that Alf would need to provide subtitles, as her home town of Dundee, in Scotland left her with a distinctively unintelligible accent.  She's been on the Coast for 6-7 months.

She studied in Milan & Texas, but her first job was in Dundee.  She’s picked apples in Stanthorpe - didn’t dig gardening, but developed a love of regional journalism.  She was Grafton’s youngest editor, and is proud to represent the community.  When the State Government wanted to close the Gaol, it meant 90 jobs.  When the town rallied, the 24 hour coverage was a defining moment.  They didn’t save the gaol, but were able to advocate for more government jobs in the town.  She worked for The Land in Sydney but is not metro challenged. (whatever that means)

Now with the Sunshine Coast Daily (and a few wrinkles appearing) she has an obvious enthusiasm about the Coast and saw the place as coming of age, and looking for identity and vision.  She sees the newspaper at the heart of that discussion.

There are challenges within media, on-line is increasing but newspaper sales are in decline. 200K circulation has dropped to 150K, but there are 500K readers on-line.  Maybe there will be a pay wall, like with the Courier Mail.  People still value the content but papers are losing touch with the community.

The paper is moving to a contribution model - workshops are coming about how to contribute.  Maybe some stories are “not getting through”  Use it or lose it.

There were a few questions including from Pauline about distinguishing RC Caloundra and RC Caloundra Pacific - good luck if you can sort that out Jenna.

Mark thanked Jenna
Merv - Solomons provisionally 14-28 November - Leo Smith, Eddie Springer + four from Caloundra plus one standby - Gordon wants names.  Two toilet blocks plus two water tanks are on the agenda.  Looking like Genta, Darryl, Jim from Men’s Shed, & Stuart so far.  Costs approx $2,500

Genta  Happiness Conference on 8th August
Monday night special 6:00pm Italian fusion

Bernie 7 July Paleo Tea Rooms

Helen - Changeover RSVP’s  BSB ends with 4073

Sergeant Noel
not backward in coming forward
Iain caught out
I am not overdressed!
Is that Mark smirking in the background? Not everybody can throw numbers up in the air and have them fall in the correct order