Monday, 16 February 2015

17th February Meeting - Gordon Hamilton - Sport


International Toast

RC Bali, (there are a few there according to Mr Google)
Thinking of current events there


Troy Bailey - to be formally introduced later

Deborah, Ron, Iain & nearly Lyn but he chirped up at the last minute.
& could someone apologise for me for next meeting as we will be enjoying the sunshine in Byron (well you can always hope)

Darryl at Cal Pac, who even wore long pants for an evening meeting.
Unfortunately the guest speaker was really boring (guess who?)

Mark met with the DG due to the current District Treasurer resigning
(I could hear the word “sucker” echoing in the background)

President's Report
Presented by PE Judy
The form’s going round for the ROMAC Trivia Night
Thursday is a RYDA cluster meeting
20-26 April Light Up Rotary week
Duck Race on the 26th
Training session for new web page
(just as we had the Blog all sorted)
USC BBQ - more from John later
Hat Day 9th Oct, Fashion Parade & ARH collection buckets
Melbourne Cup party at the Power Boat Club organised by Lisa & Heidi

Norm introduced Gordon whose background is in the $76b/year sporting goods industry.
Nike & Adidas employ 50,000 people.

just checking
Gordon emphasised how small the industry was with only 850 million golf balls being produced last year.  And golf is not even the top sport, officially anyway as players don’t register.  Soccer comes in top, then cricket, with golf & tennis trailing behind.  Most equipment is now manufactured in China with the Philippines specialising in tennis balls.
They can make golf balls which travel at 75m/s (but they are too easy to lose)

Gordons early career started with a Sydney company importing firearms and police training equipment.  Mick Simmons had 13 outlets and 180 staff selling sporting equipment.  Their name was emblazoned on trucks filled with cigarettes for security reasons as presumably no one wanted to steal truckloads of sporting equipment.

The “Umfrey” brothers sold soccer shorts from their pushbikes, John Humpfreys teamed up with German cobbler Gebruder Dassler and started a 24 year relationship with a handshake.

Dassler’s sons, Adi and Rudi had deep hatred for each other and set up rival companies Adidas and Puma.  After 60 years they made up but it only lasted one year.

Gordon was happy to answer questions as long as they didn’t involve where he was born or how much he weighed - surprising how often this comes up

Gerry - Golf Day - keep promoting - we need more sponsors & teams

John - USC BBQs - will send email about HSE module

Alan re Mens Shed publicity - should be pouring concrete in 6 weeks
Check out their work boots and Alan’s heritage shovel

Alf - Great guest speakers - bring guests

Sergeant Ian had a word about people wearing gray.
Best wishes to Jan for her trip to Darwin, & happy birthday Alf.

Monday, 9 February 2015

10th February - New Improved Program

10th February - Publicity in the Daily

10th February Meeting - Troy Bailey - Swags for the Homeless

Ron started the meeting with some stretching exercises for Merv’s sore calf

Troy Bailey - to be formally introduced later

Heidi, Pam, Norm, Mark, Pauline, Rudy

BBQ at the Queen St reservoir

President's Report
Deb, Alan & Jim L did a MoU with CoC for sheds to be pulled down & put up.
Hopefully now is all “set in concrete”
USC BBQs on Mon 23rd & Thurs 25th Feb-
Opps #Error 41# must be Wed 25th or Thurs 27th?
RYDA mid year so won’t clash - lucky cause it would be an #Error 42# perhaps
Grossed approx $400 at Unitywater BBQ plus water bottles

Ann introduced Troy
He has a publican background and had the first lease on the Buderim Tavern.

Troy was with Rosies for 17 years including as CEO - Rosies has 900 volunteers and provides coffee for homeless people.

There are 20,000 homeless people in Qld with most numbers in Cairns, followed by the Gold Coast and Brisbane.  People with thongs & tee shirt “fit in” on the Gold Coast and there are plenty of free showers.

Males, 35 years and over can wait for 7-10 years before housing is made available - but they have to be “identified” before starting on the waiting list.  Women with children wait up to two weeks.  Many people sleep in cars.  Most people are six weeks away from being homeless when life disasters happen.

There are 27 food vans in Brisbane.  Troy spoke to “Cowboy” Chris at Rosies - Homeless people want safety, friendship and a bed.  Most only get 4-5 hours sleep a night and are vulnerable to bashings and “move on” orders.  Incidentally, one can legally sleep on a traffic island.  Mental disorders can cause homelessness, and homelessness can cause mental disorders.
Enter Swags for the Homeless.  These are shelter, a bed and backpack in one.
They are “not for resale”, waterproof, 4 seconds fireproof, turn into a tent, come with a mattress, incorporate an insect screen, and can be wiped clean.  $105 cost includes freight to an agency.
Ron thanked Troy for the talk
and related some of his own experiences in the Police Service.  
Helen - Polio Plus Film Night,
& need info re previous Rotary Clubs for this week.

Gerry - Golf Day - keep promoting - we need more sponsors & teams

John - USC BBQs - see earlier
Sergeant Ian got the last word again.

Dear club members,
I forgot to mention at this mornings meeting that apart from continuing to seek Sponsors and teams--


So far we have 2 x 2 vouchers!!!

The banks at this stage have not volunteered anything and they in the past had given us a lot.

So if we don't have prizes donated, we will have to purchase them which will reduce our profit for distribution.

So can you also approach any businesses you frequent with a request for donations of prizes?

I am sending out the following wording to sponsors and anyone I can think of.

You could consider this when approaching any prospective donor.

Without appearing to be too grasping- it is a Charity Golf Day- we are also seeking items which can be used as prizes on the day, so if by chance you have anything suitable, spare, - and preferably in sets of 4- we would appreciate these. We will accept anything of any value- makes the after game function memorable, If you are able to assist, could you please let me know.

We will acknowledge donors of prizes in our program which we print and put in the bag..


Graham Baker -John Hanley- Gerry Swan
Rotary Club of Caloundra.
Golf Day Committee
P O Box 205,
Caloundra Qld 4551
Graham 07 54924477 / 0403 138829
John      0408 298 685
Gerry     07 5492 8867 / 0409 480019

Friday, 6 February 2015

7th February - Reservoir Dogs

 Visitors welcomed with open arms

 Deb gets carried away

 More onions than you could point your tongs at

 Rotary gets a mention

It's all action
Out the back
The artists line up
 VIP's assemble (& Deb's there too)

 Tim learns to use a selfie phone holder

Gerry's whale

Monday, 2 February 2015

Program - February & March

Dear Roger
This is the new, even better, updated Roster to please replace the Roster  I sent you yesterday.  Was it Churchill who said “ change is inevitable" ?  Please could you insert this in the Reel with prominence in the hope it will receive rapt attention.
Many thanks, 

Many thanks Alf, and also from the wider readership (that's Bernie by the way)
& it's on "extra large" already - any bigger and it covers the menu to the right.

& From Win Fowles
Please accept my apologies for this very late notification re a date change for the next RUSCCF Committee meeting.
The meeting was scheduled for tomorrow night, Friday 6 February.  It is now rescheduled for Friday 27 February at the usual venue, (Meeting Room 2, Level 1, Building 'B' at the University) and at the usual time (6.45pm for a 7pm start).  
Please note that a proposed change to the meeting time will be on the agenda for discussion.  The full agenda should go out late next week.Again, please accept my apologies for this late change.
Win Fowles, Chairman
Rotary & University of the Sunshine Coast Community Fund

PO Box 88
Moffat Beach Qld 4551
0418 75 15 48

3rd February Meeting - Vicki Belcher - Traveller’s Tales

International Toast
Norm led us in a toast to RC Davos, Switzerland.  Norm couldn’t find out much about them - I found this on the internet - a bit out of date but I guess the location is still right

Les Pontin from RC Cal Pac, Anna Overton and of course Vicki

Ron, the Hanleys, Mark, Merv & Julianna

Board last night

President's Report
Welcome all.
Deborah met Anna at the Australia Day BBQ.
Board last night
Gerry is on the Golf Day warpath
Looks like we will be partnering with Vicki Taylor to do a Chilli Festival in November
Need a committee for the Car Boot Sale
Looking at another Probus Club
& need a PE for Juidy

Sue introduced Vicki - Vicki is active in Inner Wheel & Probu

Vicki started and finished with the map of Turkey, and noted the many “not so tolerant” neighbours

Of course Vicki doesn’t like shopping, but faced with 3000 shops in the Grand Bazaar, well, the rest is history.  Rumours that she had to organise a container are completely untrue.    The Belcher household is now straining under the weight of carpets, bowls, silks and the like (Turkey was on the Silk Road)

Some samples were passed around.
(some even made it back to Vicki)

Perga - the marble meat hook advertised a butcher’s shop

ANZAC Cove - 30 monuments - 250,000 died during WW1

Throughout history, the strategic location meant wars, wars, wars.  This is Troy, or at least the top level of ten cities built one on top of each other.

Turkey is a mix of myth and fact (a bit like this blog actually)
Another sample from Vicki's container

Delphi in Greece - apparently the Oracle sat above a fissure venting gasses, so her prophecies were a bit muddled.  Fortunately there were 70 priests to interpret them
- for a price of course.

Ephesus had a population of 250,000 people, a library, and specialized in headless statues, sometimes with mismatched heads added.  This one Vicki had commissioned is a good likeness don’t you think. No wonder that container was so heavy

Every town had a stadium.  There is an 80% rule - if less than 80% is left they don’t restore the missing bits (seen here in white)

There was a Roman city above these calcium terraces.

This is Cleopatra’s heated pool, & Mary and the disciples swam here too
(if you believe the tour guide)

Caravanseriai (or is that Caravanseriais) every 40km

Cappadocia (this blog has been a real test of my spelling abilities)

Turkey is 98% Muslim so there is a mosque on every corner
The historic background of the Sunni–Shia split lies in the schism that occurred when the Islamic prophet Muhammad died in the year 632, leading to a dispute over succession to Muhammad as a caliph of the Islamic community spread across various parts of the world, which led to the Battle of Siffin. The dispute intensified greatly after the Battle of Karbala, in which Hussein ibn Ali and his household were killed by the ruling Umayyad Caliph Yazid I, and the outcry for revenge divided the early Islamic community. Today, there are differences in religious practice, traditions, and customs, often related to jurisprudence. Although all Muslim groups consider the Quran to be divine, Sunni and Shia have different opinions on hadith.
(and who said I wasn’t listening)  Apparently Turkey is fairly tolerant.

Whirling dervishes

These ladies with mobile phones are from Syria, not Turkey,
or maybe even from Vicki's tour group trying to get the local prices

Gerry thanked Vicki

Trivia Night promoted by Les

Les reckons if we put in four teams our chances of winning would be much improved.
Pity it doesn't actually work like that - the dog in the picture looks smarter than most of our team members.

BBQ this Saturday - set up at 9:00 at the Queen St Reservoir

Gerry re Golf Day - get out there and sell, sell, sell

Sergeant Ian left reeling at being given the last word after Vicki’s talk - but we think he may pay for it later (good thing he doesn’t read the Blog or Roger might have to pay up)