Tuesday, 28 October 2014

28th October - Vocational Visit to NASKAM

Milling around
Camera tester - wonder how mine rates?
Bernie welcomed all to NASKAM

Merv used up all of the short time available with every minor detail of his many makeups
around Australia, starting in Adelaide at the Inner Wheel Conference.  He made it back to the Coast for an Ambulance meeting and related the story of Mary Christmas, who donated $110,000 to the Ambulance over a number of years before moving to a nursing home in Toowoomba.  The Communications centre in Maroochydore is finished.  Finally there was a RYDA meeting where Neville noted we picked up the “best RYDA venue” award.  The Global Grant for work in the Solomans submitted in association with Cal Pac & Sydney Cove clubs was knocked back due to some technicality with the solar cells fitting in with their water & sanitation agenda - it is now being revised for another shot

President's Report
Sorry - no time available
Maks Maksan, owner of NASKAM (Maksan spelt backwards) welcomed us and introduced Natalie who would help out with the tours.

NASKAM is an “overnight success” with a very long night stretching back to 1986.

They started with alarms & monitors, then did patrols, then not.  They concentrate on alarm/camera installation and monitoring.  They view the crime rate much like doctors view disease - not necessarily happy with it, but acknowledge it does bring business.

Technology is changing fast, with good video now on your smartphone.  Some discussion around problems at Christmas with overstocked premises and Santa Claus running amok.

NASKAM operates around Australia,
but the nature of the business does not need a capital city location.

Bernie thanked Maks and Natalie for our visit

Nerve centre
So glad we were in that double locked room because
 there was a very shady character wandering around the premises

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