Wednesday, 22 October 2014

20th October Meeting - Robert Menzies - Author

Next meeting is at NASKAM, 5 Production Ave

Iain welcomed “not Sir” Robert Menzies
There were no other guests

Iain proposed a toast to Jim Adam, our Past President who died on the 17th October 2011 on Rotary service in the Solomon Islands

International Toast
Norm proposed a toast to RC Tevere in Rome.
Chartered in 1924, and first in Italy

Bruce, Heidi, Ron

Gerry had three in Darwin
then there was RYDA & the Ride to Work BBQ
Alan & Roger met the Men’s Shed guys at the Signal Station
for a pre meeting prior to starting work next week

President's Report
Bob Gerry & Rudy back
Trifecta tickets to do, RYDA x2 was successful
BBQ - six people to help

It was our 60th anniversary on the 12th Oct - cheer! cheer!
Men’s Shed - Church of Christ has land opposite Meridian State College -
eight hectare with tenanted house & sheds, future aged care use
MOI maybe
Air Museum option would be approx two years off
Zonta & Cal Pac doing “Rise” project for battered women
Dinner at UQ International House

Pam Introduced Robert
She had “pages and pages” of stuff about him
which she wisely kept to herself
But she did mention a number of books and website
Not only does Bob share the name of our former Prime Minister, but also his 5th Dec birthdate (same as Ann too)

Bob thanked Pam and proceeded to tell of his journey as a writer
He had been a teacher at Knox Grammar in Sydney where he famously told Hugh Jackman he wouldn’t be an actor as he had “no talent”
He ended up down and out in Britain where he witnessed an assault on another park bench user, and when helped by police were hauled over the coals for using the names Harold Wilson and Robert Peel - Bob’s pseudonym
(Sir Robert Menzies was a big name in London at the time)
Turns out “Roy” did it for a laugh
Bob’s night in the cell with Roy proved most inspirational
and started his writing career

The only obstacle for an eagle in flight is the air, but air is also the thing which holds it up
Moral - we need challenges to be our best

Bob also talked about his latest books, with a signing after the meeting

Iain thanked Bob for his most informative talk

Sergeant Noel allowed Judy to be temporary Sergeant for Pauline's special day

synchronising watches?

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