Monday, 10 April 2017

RUSCCF Joint Dinner Flyer for 10th May

Outline Research Topics

         Lara Meital – Investigate how omega-3
           fatty acids might protect against inflammation       
           and oxidative stress in people who have
           abdominal aortic aneurysm.

           Alessandra Whaite – Characterising the
           immune response of Koalas that develop
           blindness as a result of chlamydia infection.

          Karina Rune - “Obesity, with a special
          focus on attentional biases to food cues in the

          Bruce Randall - “Nut quality  
               characteristics and genetics of Canarium      
           indicum in the Pacific Islands”

          Daniel Meloncelli - “Profiling the   
          chemical compounds found in high quality  

          Eva Hatje - "Exploring potentially    
          pathogenic bacteria from farmed Atlantic   
                salmon and their interaction with the fish gut

         Jennifer Castell - "The perceptions and     
          understandings of in-service and post-service
          teachers with regard to overseas experience"

         Benjamin Lane - “Modifying pre-  
          conscious, biased attention associated with
            mental  illnesses and effects of such

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