Sunday, 9 April 2017

BRIEF Summary of District Conference

Glen Kinross
Past Rotary International President apparently gave a rather scathing insight into the inner workings of Rotary International and his efforts of his and others to make it more responsible I didn’t hear the first half of his talk.
The second half was about the good things Rotary does. You need to hear these things to really get what Rotary can do.

Life savers Queensland gave a good insight into the operations of Life saving and the Westpac helicopter service..

Gemma Sisia

 Gave an eye-opening account of St Jude’s School in Uganda-how her insight into lack of education of the children was stopping improvement of living standards etc.
She started off in 2002 with 3 students and now has 1800 students fully funded in 3 campuses. With 250 paid staff.
She is a persuasive fundraiser and has around 90% fundraising from within Australia. Lots of money originally came from Rotary to get this up and running. They have built modern schools and accommodation. It is the only private school on Uganda which receives some Ugandan Government funding. Obviously needs constant donations.
Children are selected on academic ability and poverty level.
A good International donation if we need one and have left over funds
The school was featured on TV recently. A video was provided for each conference attendee. Available from me if anyone wants to see it.

Noel Trevaskis.
Currently a Director of the Board of Rotary International for 2016-2018

Gave an enlightening talk on Rotary generally.
Stressed that Rotary Clubs should not be seen to be concentrating on fund raising- rather we should be seen to be involved in projects in our community- easy to say but we need to get funds to finance projects- but certainly we should find a good project- and work in conjunction with other organizations- Caloundra Pacific, Lions, Zonta etc to make a difference.
There is a lot of money available from Rotary Foundation with matching grants and grants for our own district/community- who knows how to access these funds?

Leanne Simon-
Peace Scholar explained how she is helping out in conflict areas especially with children and families.

Danielle Stanisic
gave a detailed talk on Australian research on a vaccine for Malaria- world first research- looks very promising-.
This was announced nationally on TV a couple of days later. We heard it first at our conference

Mayor Paul Pisasale
Highlight of the conference.
A very entertaining speaker and current President of Ipswich Rotary Club- has increased membership by some 20 new members.
Possibly easy of you are the  mayor and tap a businessperson on the shoulder and suggest they join Rotary.
Like other speakers he stressed CHANGE in Rotary club membership, structure, meetings thinking.
He asks his club members to speak to a stranger about Rotary each week- wear the rotary wheel badge, talk about Rotary.
Get different Guest speakers -a chef was one interesting speaker- not always someone chasing money of a cause.
His club’s induction kit includes a Club shirt & Cap.
Target ethnic community - Rotary is held in very high esteem in India, Africa and Asia

DG Alan Stephens
spoke well during the conference.
Highlighting Change, friendship, partnerships with councils & other service clubs. Get every member of the club doing something.- not just the board making decisions.

The Conference Dinner.
A pleasant evening- enjoyed by all , although Anne did seem to leave a little blood on the floor.

I did not attend the “Discovery Cafe”  but made it to the summing up speeches by Past District  Governor Murfett,  DG Alan Stephens.
Incoming District Governor John Lane introduced his team for 2017/2018.

Roll call took place- fortunately I was there to represent our club- 2 from CalPac. although many from other clubs remained to make a lot of noise.

Next Year’s Conference will be at Maroochydore. Hope to see lots of us there.

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