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29th Sept Meeting - Alan Still - My Life

My name is Noel Bagely and I am the Chair.

Hey guys, this is a Toast to Australia, not a drinking competition.

Alf’s guest Jan from Currimundi.

BBQ at Moffat

Stuart, Mala, Merv, Anna, Norm, the Strongs, Mark, Alan & Ian

President’s Address
Judy geed us up for the Bunnings BBQ on Sunday.
Plus another coming up but “too far out” to get us jumping up and down at this stage.

Merv’s son Andrew has been involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday Night and has been airlifted to the PA hospital.  Late yesterday he was still in surgery and there were good signs.  Check Anne’s Facebook for more info.

There are buckets for Hat Day to distribute to businesses.  Rotary guys - Tell your wives.
Need a volunteer to coordinate BBQs (don’t all rush at once)
Thanks to Gerry for revamping the trailer
School Burseries - 27 Oct at Caloundra Deb & Judy?
Rotoract Charter Meeting 16th Oct
Movie Night for pool - will send around.
Today Show at Moffat
Board meeting Mon night at Darryl’s

Noel introduced Alan.  There are not a lot of OAM’s around and it is a great privilege to have one in our Club.  Now we want to know more.

Alan said that if he talked too long it would be boring, but if his talk was too short, we would think he was hiding something.  PDG means “past, dead & gone”.

His parents were in NSW during WW2 and then New Guinea.  He went to 12 different schools.  In 1947 he started with CSR in Sydney as a clerk, then to Fiji.
Win was born in NZ, and they married in 1953.  He was a field officer in a sugar plantation in Fiji for three and a half years. They were the only Europeans.
They had three daughters and a son.
He was transferred back to Sydney in 1961.
Not surprisingly, they kinda missed the 20 servants they had previously.
1965 Melbourne
1971 Sales in Darwin
Left three day after Tracy
In Melbourne on Waverley Council.  President of High School Advisory Council.
Win C.A.B. & real estate.
1979 transferred to Rockhampton
Had loved Melbourne except for the weather.
Golf has been very important in their lives.
1982 transferred to the Gold Coast with Building Materials division.  Challenge of the southerners.
1985 was President of RC Burleigh Heads, and in 1989 District Governor of 9640.- a marvellous year with the 53 Clubs.
1990 visited Austria as guest of the DG
The dates were coming thick and fast now, but between 1990 and 2010 they have been sponsoring education for children in Indonesia with the Salvation Army and raised 1 Million dollars. $110 paid for a student per year
1991 Conference in Townsville.
1992 Conference of Legislators in Anaheim.
Did I say various committees?
But Golf is held in high esteem with no Rotary business allowed on Sundays.
In 1996 he had the opportunity for a Liberal seat in Sydney but Win said no.
Lots of travel.

In 2000 at Sunday golf, Alan realised that he couldn’t see the green.  He had macular bleeding and now has side vision only.  We now know why he thought we “all looked like blobs” at Rotary meetings.  He has various aids such as torches, binoculars, CD on MD, reading machine, digital player (now online) 30,000 books, white cane, badge and brochure.
Paddy was thinking of getting a dog.  His friend Mike said “just don’t get a Labrador - so many of their owners seem to go blind”

Thanks Alan

Alf - RC Caloundra reported “by far the best”  Re membership, 40 letters to various organisations, ANZ Belinda on Rotary projects.
Roger with thanks for CMC BBQ
Helen - Coffee at Kleptic

Sergeant Ian
for the last time
Neat trick Ian
but who's keeping who in line?

    1.    The Promotion of The Rotary Foundation Fellowships for advanced study; 

    2.    The fostering of any tangible and effective projects which have as their purpose the furthering of better understanding and friendly relations between the peoples of different 
nations; and 

    3.    The providing of emergency relief for Rotarians and their families wherever war or other 
disaster has brought general destruction and suffering 

No - stop, really

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