Tuesday, 30 June 2015

30th June Meeting - Rubie Orman USC/Cambodia

 Guest speaker Rubie Orman
(At least most of Merv was present)

International Toast
Norm made the surprise move of doing the next 36 years worth of toasts in one go by toasting the great achievements of the Rotary Clubs of Great Britain - England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales (that’s 1800 Clubs with 50,000 members)  Oak’s staff were quick to lock the doors to the dining area as a quick calculation verified just how much fruit juice would be necessary, and I think the Board should consider a retroactive motion that requires the Toastee to actually write to each toasted Club - That will keep Norm busy for a while.  Not surprisingly, their achievements took a while to document, including:

Improving the lives of people at home and abroad using the skills of members
Promoting peace
Preventing diseases
Access to clean water
Maternal & child health
Develop community ties

Pauline & John, Stuart, Ron, Deborah, Neil, Anna, Judy & Julianna

Sue’s guest Myla McLoughlan, Chris Milligan, joining our Club from Cal Pac, Rubie & her mum Debbie & Merv’s driver Anne

Alf, Sue, Noel, Mark, Bernie, Ron & Keith at Bunnings for a BBQ for the Men’s Shed where they made $550.
Deborah attended Cal Pac’s Changeover

Mark attended the District Changeover and almost picked up an award for our Youth program - Best picture of a trophy I've seen all week.
 President's Report delivered by Roger
(sorry no selfie)
Hi Everyone
Attended CALPAC’s Changeover on Thursday night to see Dan Thomasson installed as President
Paul Harris awards were given to Stuart White (Chappy at Caloundra High)
Donna Hammett receivd a PH for her work with Grandparents with Kids
Wish you success at BBQ with CALPAC at Qld Air Museum Open Cockpit Day
See you at Changeover - in Bendigo until 8th July

Pam introduced Rubie.  She was School captain of Maroochydore State High School, has just completed two volunteering visits to Camboda, and in her spare time is doing the Dean’s Scholar Program at USC - This is a fast tracked dual degree.  Last year she won the Young Achiever Award for her humanitarian work and she is also heavily involved in the Mudjimba Surf Life saving Club.
Someone turned the lights off - Rubie is a little blurred
(but the slides came out really well)
To manage everything in her life, Rubie speaks at 100mph, so please forgive this poor blogger as my notes are sketchy and mainly unreadable. This is what I think I wrote:
2013/14 fundraising $3,500 to raise.  RSL & Bond Uni funding. 
Orphanage in Phnom Penh - teaching English, orphanage farm, uniforms for students, laptops, extreme poverty, hydro garden & rice paddy
bus trip to beach
1975-79 killing fields
two houses for $15,000
visit to the circus.
Angkor Wat

At USC she is doing a Batchelor of Science with Honours in two (not three) years.  She is Majoring in Animal Ecology and minoring in Sustainability.

She is off to Cambodia again next week

Merv thanked Rubie
Just to show he’s still up to it, Merv delivered most of the Director’s reports.

Rosters going round for RYDA on Wed 22nd July, Thursday 23rd and Tuesday 28th July, working with Cal Pac, Kawana and GHM.

& USC BBQs on Mon & Tues 20th & 21st July

Cal Pac are doing a BBQ at QAM this weekend - We thought we were a bit over stretched - Halen to talk to Cal Pac - they can borrow the trailer.

Solomons booklet arrived.  Sasamungga on Choiseul.  Works are toilets & tank at the school, & toilets & tank x2 at the hospital.  Leo from Mooloolaba, Eddie can’tv go, Jim?, Darryl, Genta, Alan & Merv are good to go

Bernie - Afternoon of Sat 25th July - SSC Symphony Orchestra - fundraiser for QAM Tickets $27

Helen - Changeover RSVP’s better.

Sergeants Noel, Ian & Gerry have raised (extorted?) $1,700 this year
What about that chainsaw I wanted to buy Anne?
Let me think about it ....
Sergeant Noel
put the squeeze on

Roger is now a bit more careful about what he put in the Blog

as readership is now up to five. (gasp)

See..  He can get angry
The hand
The twins

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