Friday, 29 August 2014

How do you get a logo off our website?

On 28 Aug 2014, at 3:49 pm, Deborah <> wrote:
 How do you get a logo off our 9600 website - have found where they are but how does an owner of a mac do it
- please supply instructions for a really dumb person. (Moir)


Hi Deborah
I’m surprised you had so much trouble
After only a few emails, changed passwords and the like,

I was able to easily log into the RI site
and search “Graphics” which in a few simple steps gets you to the “Brand Centre”
where you click on the Rotary Logo
which takes you to a page with lots of logos which you can tick and click

(doing both is so much more interesting)
which takes you to another page which enables you to download in different formats
some of which are even possible to open in Preview
I had best results with the larger EPS files
(the bigger files start small but you can blow them up in Preview)
Don’t forget to tick the “I have read and remembered the entire Rotary Graphics Manual and can recite it backwards” box for this option
Of course the reverse logos only seem to work as PNG files
In Preview you can export in different formats
even more helpfully,

none seem to open in Photoshop so you don’t need to worry about that
so there it is - only 169 discrete steps
happy logo ing

PS some downloads attached - but I am sure you won’t resort to any short cuts like that
<Untitled 2.tiff>
<RotaryMBS-Simple_RGB.eps><RotaryMoE_PMS-C.eps>  The reverse files follows, but it is somehow invisible!<RotaryMoE_REV-RGB.png>just click on the empty space

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