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11th February Meeting - Kiera Kelly Williamson - Caloundra Weekly

...and do you get that déjà vu feeling?

Welcome back Helen from Tasmania,
John & Pauline from the deep south

International Toast

from Norm
RC Moscow on behalf of Sochi
been going for 90 years
meets at the Best Western on Monday nights
No truth to the rumour that you need KGB connections to get in

Jan from Darwin Sunrise
Speaker Kiera Kelly Williamson from the Caloundra Weekly

Noel, Alan, Col, Lauren, Lyn, Genta

Helen at RC Scottsdale

Presidents Report
Deborah welcomed the visitors and the Rotarians who we haven’t seen for a while

Big news is RC Caloundra’s 60th anniversary in October
we await further developments

We agreed to test out a new breakfast format, with the hot meal at 6:45

Golf Day Golf Day Golf Day 15 teams required

Helen introduced Kiera Kelly Williamson,
Kelly is from her dad’s side and Williamson her mum’s
She is editor of the Caloundra Weekly and also works for the Sunshine Coast Daily, with 21,000 readership
She is from Mackay until 6 years old then moved to the Coast wither her mother until her dad, who worked in the mines, could join them.  Now in Alexander Headland
She was at the Mooloolah Primary School and received a Mountain Creek State High scholarship.
She always had a love for art & writing, so she did a three year journalism course at USC.
Started work at Channel 7, which she didn’t like, so worked for the Daily for free for six months until starting in the property management area.  Later worked for the Buderim Chronical.

Keira is now 22yo, and loves journalism and her job at the Weekly.
She gets to search out the stories, and there are a couple of hundred community groups to “keep happy”.

Kiera did dance but suffered a broken back
No guesses about the chances of a dance article on the Weekly as dancers were ## themselves.  Gerry quickly made clear his dancing days were over.

During questions Helen asked about movie reviews in the Daily, and

Iain got to vent his rage about fishing stories, where anyone in their tinny stuffing up when out to sea is immediately labelled as a fisherman, bringing disrepute to the industry, and not to plumbing, or accountancy, or wherever these idiots actually work in real life.  Good point I think.  Apparently the sub-editors are the bad guys.

Julianna asked about submitting articles -
Kiera does about 40 stories a week by herself, so submission by groups is useful.  Do an intro, and summary, then some key points, and include a photo.

Gerry asked about deadlines -
Delivery is every Thursday, and the deadline is the Thursday before, but Wednesday better, or two weeks before if your submission is especially dull.

Deb then started some debate about printing defamatory letters, and how to avoid getting sued, and why the letters are all written by the same people.  We understand not many of Deb’s letters get published.  Anna said her local Somerset Paper was a bit controversial in this regard (hope they’re not reading this)

Norm asked if the gory death, gloom and controversial stories, especially about Peter Slipper, increased sales.  A=yes

Darryl asked about circulation - The Weekly is growing, but the Daily shares readership with online readers.

Julianna asked in which direction she should send her pharmaceutical propaganda.  Apparently her new shop is on the border at Wurtulla and she shares Kawana’s and Caloundra’s Weeklys

Alf thanked Kiera for putting up with such a rabble so graciously.
Gerry avoided any tricky dance steps,
and Alf gave a legal opinion about defamation - Rotary was right all along - Is it the truth?
(but make sure your expensive lawyer can prove it)


Golf Day Golf Day Golf Day
John has been “resting” up to now - so watch out

Gerry spoke in lieu of Genta who is out looking for his camera “lost at sea”
Desks for DIK for the Solomans. The truck is hired, Komaki will pay costs.
Thursday 20th 7:00AM at Caloundra Primary School, George St - need eight people, one hour to load, five or six to transport. Judy has got hold of a load of football jerseys (no one game to ask how she got them)

Helen - Monoments Men screening, also 20th, $25 by Friday to RC Buderim

Next Monday, presidents meeting with Dai Mason - he will attend on Tuesday

Pauline to arrange a Rotarian to be interviewed by phone by Anna on Valley FM 95.9.  Looks like Pauline has put yours truely in the “hot seat”
Thursday 20th 9:05 am (busy day)

Sergeant Gerry did his worst.

In case you missed Julianna’s shameless product placement ad during the speakers question time, Pharmacy for Life has just moved into the old hardware store at Wurtulla.

Wishing you every success (will send advertising invoice later)

In other news it seems Alf feels that Rotary needs some disaster management

Hello Alf,
It was also a pleasure for me to make contact with you and accept your kind invitation to speak at your Rotary Club Breakfast on March 11th.  In addition to being a Disaster Management Officer with Council, I am also a Rotarian of 17 years, currently President of my own Club, Woombye-Palmwoods, and an incoming ADG for the 2014-2015 Rotary Year.

As discussed, I have a travelling kit that has all the electronic equipment I require.  All that I will need from you is the following:-
·       Screen
·       Table for my laptop and projector
·       Possibly a power board and extension cord, depending on the proximity of power to the table.
·       Second table for some of the handouts which I will have available.  This table does not need to be very big.

From a dietary perspective, I am lactose intolerant, and therefore consume no dairy products.  I am very happy with black tea and coffee.

I look forward to meeting you and your club members on the 11th.  My presentation is a power-point of approximately 15 minutes and I will have collateral material to hand out, so I believe that will fit nicely within your parameters.  If you or your members have any questions, or have specific disaster management related topics which you wish me to address, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Kind Regards
Melanie Ferguson
Project Support & Community Resilience Officer | Disaster Management
Infrastructure Services | Sunshine Coast Council

Dear Rotarian Taylor:  (that's you Deb)
We’re excited to introduce you to the Rotary Service Connections blog, a forum dedicated to promoting our Rotary service activities and exchanging new ideas to enhance our impact. We’re featuring personal stories and perspectives, connecting you with helpful information, and facilitating interactive discussions to expand your outlook on service. We invite all Rotary members and supporters, as well as those new to Rotary, to stop by regularly and participate in the conversation.

Hang on! I don't think this blog needs any competition,
I might lose my two existing readers  


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