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Reel for 13th August 2013

Rotary meeting:6/8/13

Chairperson : Bruce
Desk: Alan and Darryl
Visiting Rotarians: There were none; our usual visitor Ken McMeeken has had a pacemaker installed (is it fitted, installed or added???) and we trust he recovers quickly.
Visitors: Major Fred Shaw retired of the Salvation Army.
Apologies: There were none
International Toast: none (we really are slipping! )
Makeups: Helen attended a cluster meeting last Friday

Deborah presented her weekly report and here are some of the important points; Juliana has found a candidate for RYPEN, I think her name was Lauren.
Pam has a boot full of aloe vera should anyone want some (or a lot).
The think tank is on Tomorrow at Ron and Bernie Strong’s starting at midday, BYO lunch etc.
After attending the seniors forum Deborah has found a potential guest speaker to speak to us on  MS and has made a solemn decree to never attend it again!

Stuart introduced the guest speaker a fellow Salvation Army chaplain Major Fred Shaw who has worked in South America, Portugal and Australia, he is also involved with the RSL and spent fifteen years in Rotary, what a man !

Fred worked primarily in Brazil starting in 1963 his work was primarily with young single mothers who had offspring from incestuous encounters, tragic in anyone's eyes! He then trained Brazilian Salvation Army Officers, many of whom he had known from childhood.
He gave us an overview of the country which is 1/3 larger than Australia and has a population of approximately 190,000,000 It has a very well developed public transport system but judging by the number of documents one is required to carry at all times may be a bit totalitarian. He elaborated telling of a “bloodless revolution “in 1964 when foreigners were confined to a campus !
Boys must register for national service when eighteen  and should they be called up they have to give one year to their country. There is a very interesting system in place where voting is compulsory (like here) but a voter registration card must be carried and is required to be stamped upon presentation at the polling booth, without this formality being observed one will be denied employment! This also applies to the draft card  (for want of a better name) for young men, without this document employment is denied also. 
The spoken language in Brazil is  Portuguese and when he arrived he couldn't speak the lingo at all. He found interpreters didn't necessarily convey the correct meaning in either direction so he soon became very fluent in all of the language (swearing too).
Their daughter grew up in Brazil, her first language is Portuguese and when she started dating young Brazilian men he accepted the inevitable, now she and her Brazilian husband live in Australia! 
Fred is very happy that the Salvation Army is doing very well in Brazil however is disappointed with progress in Portugal where he was also stationed.
Bruce thanked Fred for his most informative and interesting talk presenting him with a gift voucher and a promise to call him back as he has many many more wonderful stories of his life's experiences!

Judy has organised a movie night tonight 6/8/13 at Caloundra’s no. 4 cinema at $6 a head, we are to meet at 01730 hrs. So bring some nibbles and drinks, it's our call when the show starts but some have suggested it begin early to leave plenty of time to have supper after.

Margaret is trying to organise a restaurant night out on 22/8/13 at Il Piccolos at Golden Beach, the cost would be $30 per head for a three course meal, if we can book for 40 people then we can have the whole venue, time to be advised.

Also....a reminder, 22/11/13 for the luncheon on the “Sea Princess”, $20 per head, contact Darryl Laing and get in quickly, this includes a bus to the ship and a “look over “the mighty vessel leaving 0800 from the transit centre.

Next week:
Chair: Deborah
Desk: Margaret
Club Forum: no guest speaker

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