Monday, 26 August 2013

Reel 3/9/2013

Julieanna opened the meeting of 27/8/13 on schedule with Rotary Grace and welcomed all those  in attendance ,Alan took responsibility of and  finances at the desk.
We toasted a Colombian club in Bogota,"Ridgfield Park" who meet on a Wednesday night at 1800 hrs.,thank you Deborah it is so long since we have toasted a fellow club.
We were fortunate enough to have the company of Nevell And Linley McPhee (Redland Bay Sunrise)  and Jan Conti (Darwin Sunrise). Jan has been our guest for some time now but is soon to return to her home town much to the protestations of one Gerry Swan who is now going to have to revive his culinary and housekeeping skills!
Apologies came from Neil Costello and Noel Begley.
Makeups .Deborah and Ann attended the the "Senior Citizens" meeting as planned at the CCSA hall and were duly presented with the certificate as promised while Gerry Swan bragged to us of his  makeup at Darwin Sunrise .
We can donate book vouchers at SCU for the young mothers attending from STEMS, obviously a very worthy cause.
Darwin Sunrise, Jan Conti's club sent a certificate of appreciation from ROMAC to be presented to Jan for her work in supporting the children of East Timor, congratulations and keep up the wonderful work Jan !
Dr. Bruce introduced our guest speaker ,Geoff Moller. Geoff is a specialist in trade marks and intellectual property, was born in Nambour and has lived all of his life on the Sunshine Coast.He may be scrutinised via his web page, for those who wish to know more.
Geoff is very enthusiastic about social media and feels that we aren't utilising its obvious benefits in retaining members, attracting new members through informing them of our projects and causes,aims or philosophies if you like. He used the word" engagement "when speaking of social media , by this he meant getting people involved on line and once their attention is grasped then marketing can begin.
There are five major English based web sites (many many more in other languages ) for people to communicate on and they are ,Facebook,Twitter,YouTube ,Linked in and Google.Geoff suggested that it is through these Social Media Sites that we should be directing potential  recruits and interested individuals to our web site which he added was very dull,boring and just un interesting .
In summing up Geoff said that we should build the site using the following;
What would make the Rotary Club of Caloundra attractive to potential members?
Decide what you want of your new supporters and members?
Think of the next generation members and how best the club can and should engage them and attract them, ie. marketing , PR, social media our projects and causes, this is the information saturation era.
Also we must be seen to be supporting honourable causes and embrace members and engender a feeling of belonging. ( I think this  is exactly what Rotary is about !)
Julieanna thanked Geoff for his observations and suggestions which were most welcome and gave him a pair of our  wine glasses as thanks.
Directors reports;
Helen is quite pleased with the response to the combined dinner next Thursday night with the "Cluster" clubs, should you wish to nominate at this late stage, contact Helen NOW !
Wednesday night is our dinner outing at Il Piccolo's Restaurant ,Golden Beach 1830 hrs.
Margaret has asked that we think seriously about the club's long weekend away  to the Borumba Deer Park 17/18 January 2014, she will need answers in the next two to three weeks.
Deborah has been discussing "thank you " gifts for guest speakers with Tom from the "Men's Shed", apparently we are going to go in that direction.
John Hanley needs another person to make a team to compete in Caloundra Pacific's golf  day Sunday 8/9/13 ,cost $40.00 per player.
Our sergeant Gerry Swan then fined most of us with irritating glee, he certainly knows how to rub one up the wrong way ( all in good fun 'though)
Meeting closed at 0800.
Next week;
Chairperson ; Mark
Desk ; Judy
Introduction; Graham

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