Friday, 20 January 2017

Jan 17th Meeting with RC Kawana Waters at Best Western

 Toast to Australia

Alan's International Toast was to RC Islamabad

We welcomed Father Chukwudi from RC Ipswich, now with the RC Parish in Caloundra

Makeups at the Bunnings BBQ
Julianna tried three in the USA with poorer success rate


Anna & Wendy delighted the crowd with an animated performance featuring the Clubs' busy programs for 2017

Gerry updated us on the Bunnings BBQ next Wednesday

Arnaldo promoted the Camping & Fishing themed Seafood Night on the 1st April

Darryl - the St Patricks Day  Golf Day on 17th March
11 and a half holes are sold
but we need more teams, so get selling

Merv on RYDA meet today and Kawana School is up next in Feb

Sgt Deborah did her worst

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