Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Dec 20 Meeting - Christmas

Christmas message from James

International Toast by Alan to RC Greenland 
Welcome back Lyn & Lexley
& hello to visitor Patrick 

Visiting Rotarian Les and partner Joy
 One minute about Sydney clubs and graffiti removal

Bernie & Sophia (not sure of spelling)
& I thought Neapolitian was an ice-cream flavour

 James' Christmas message recounted his time in Sydney and the signboards at St Barnabas Anglican Church and the pub opposite

Church - You have nothing that God did not give you
Pub - I know I have nothing, but not sure who gave it to me

Church - If God offered you Heaven or Hell, which would you choose?
Pub - I choose a Hell of a good time in Heaven

Gerry - Don't forget the Bunnings BBQ on Dec 28th
Setup people needed 

Helen is taking over Alf's job of getting speakers so if you have anyone in mind ... 
new Priest Chuck Waddi may join us

18th Feb Seafood Night $50-60pp - tell your friends

Genta - New Year's Day at Genta's, Dicky Beach Holiday Park 2:00pm till 6:00
Check the latest veggie garden news!

 This is one little red book you don't want to be in

 Looking for a loving home (no, not Chris)

 Flashback to Christmas 2013 - Gnomeo in better days

Merry Christmas all
See you on 17th January for the first meeting of 2017
This will be a joint meeting with RC Kawana at the Best Western

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