Friday, 19 August 2016

16th August Meeting - Shelagh Brennand - A Stroke of Poetry

Chair Arnaldo 
Welcome to Trevor from Albany Creek, & Ken McMeekin from RC Morwell
Gerry has done nine makeups in Darwin

 International Toast by Alan to RC Rio
Ron's account of his recent health issues was an inspiration to the meeting 

More of the ying & yang style Presidents reports from Chris
 Julianna introduced Shelagh


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  2. I'm entering this comment on my husbands computer but it is from Shelagh Brennand...

    I wish to thank everyone who welcomed me to the Rotary breakfast last week. I was thrilled when Alf contacted me, after being recommended by Julianna and it was a huge pleasure to present my 'story' to those who listened. I sold a total of ten books on the morning which means $20 to be paid to the Rotary Club (just need bank details via email please). If you remember little else from the morning, please remember the 'FAST' message and the warning signs of a stroke. Stay healthy and happy always. Much love. Shelagh.