Monday, 4 July 2016

5th July Meeting - Arnaldo Mendes

Chair Iain 

Mark Owen & Arnaldo's partner Tricia
 Alf introduces visitor Mark Owen

from Bernie & Bridge

International Toast
 led by Alan to RC Orlando, established 1920 with 155 members 

Make Ups
Anna at DG's changeover
Board last night

Presidents Report 
Anna attended the DG's changeover
(we already knew that)

A Silver Presidential Citation was received on behalf of Judy  
(go for gold next time)
Certificate of Appreciation for Peter
Welfare by Pauline
Pam is off to South Africa - apparently she is "under control"
Lyn is staying in Brisbane, and being treated at the Wesley - the prognosis is good, but Lexley is unwell. 

 Stop Press: the Village People are now running Australian Rotary Health

Iain introduced Arnaldo, who he has known due to their shared interest in fishing trawlers.
This is part two of Arnaldo's story 

Arnaldo's life has been "varied and dramatic" 
He met Tricia when he was working in Malawi, a 52x300km country in Africa
Tricia's father was a dentist
They played musical countries for a while with Arnaldo originally from Portugal and moving to Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and back to Malawi, where by 1970 they were married and had two children.  Being the only white babies in the hospital, there was no risk they would be mistakenly switched by the nurses.

Arnaldo was an accountant with Coopers but then worked for the Government.  The President had a beer budget with champagne taste, and had three palaces constructed. They had some interesting customs including free (compulsory) haircuts for males and no sexy "back of knee" showing for the ladies.
The next move was to Botswana where they were close friends of the President.  Arnarldo set to work converting Government assets into a private company controlled by the World Bank.  The country's claims to fame are game reserves and diamonds, the latter made it the richest company in Africa - Arnaldo should know, because they had a valuing company there. "Diamonds changed everything" and corruption was rife in the surrounding countries.

At this stage I am trying to de-cypher my handwriting but there is something about casinos as well as reed baskets selling in London & New York for $5-10,000, and the rumours of a check he signed for $47m being completely true, but he never managed to get a photocopy.

Business consultancy revolved around international taxation and the setting up of offshore companies, and the world traded with South Africa via Botswana.

Their interests ranged from construction, accounting, hardware, security, and ladies fashion, as well as Tricia's safari company, ran from the White House & costs $5000/day.

In 1979 they came to Australia via NZ, then something about land at Kawana costing $25/m2.  Wide and varied interests include a marine centre, seafood business, and the first powder coating company on the Coast.  They made display units for jewellry shops.  Arnaldo was GM for Underwater World & Wharf complex, and when it was sold to a Melbourne guy, he was able to buy three trawlers.  They founded Evercool and Ultrasonic Ecocleaning.  Tricia - all female insurance broker, Subway, and also Tricia a Sale of the Century star, and in service clubs since 19 yo, Round Table - similar to Apex.

Once Arnaldo got going, it took a bit of bell ringing (in my left ear for some reason) from Sergeant Deborah to get him to slow down, which was fair enough, cause as there were no slides to photograph, & I had to write everything down, I was fasting approaching writer's cramp
Iain thanked Arnaldo

 Alf proposed that greeters greet our speakers & visitors,
and, eager to see who would be the greater greeter,
Pauline, Ian & Gerry all put their hands up.

Gerry said something but it wasn't worth writing down

Darryl - DIK trip to Brisbane Saturday morning sometime wth Genta driving

Julianna will be hosting CalPac's exchange student Gertrude from Denmark
She will attend school at Meridan

Show of hands for those wanting to sell Melbourne Cup tickets

Iain, because I had a spare photo of him

John - pay up!  $240

Merv - RYDA Wed 20th & Thurs 21 July Unity & CSHS
6-7 volunteers needed 8:30 - 1:30

4th Wednesday - Bunnings BBQ
Wed 3rd Aug, 10th Aug, 11th Oct &12 Oct
more RYDA maybe

 Sergeant Deborah takes aim

Caloundra Pacific no more thanks to Deborah's handiwork 

Chris's bicycle in Rotary colours

Warning, other than Rotary Dues, the dollar sign ($) refers to whatever currency Arnaldo was talking about 

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