Wednesday, 4 May 2016

RYLA dinner

Just a brief outline of last night's RYLA dinner and photo of Jack Perone who we sponsored -  from Anna
RYLA Dinner
 DG's birthday cake
What an amazing RYLA dinner event last night, especially seeing and hearing such confident young people after their RYLA experience.
I was so pleased to meet Jack Perone, the lovely vivacious young man sponsored by our club.  We will be hearing from him in the next couple of months when he addresses us at one of our breakfast meetings.
It happened to be District Governor, John Leddy’s birthday yesterday so we all shared in his birthday cake.  The DG spoke of his initial dream to become an engineer but found his life had many twists and turns. His message conveyed the idea that we can all have a dream but sometimes we may need to change or adapt it along the way.
Over the course of the RYLA camp the young people worked on 5 projects which were judged, culminating in two project winners. 
The first winning project was entitled ‘Write the Wrong’ – helping students in Honiara, (Solomon Islands) to increase their capacity for learning. Methods were arrived at to achieve this such as forming study groups and consultation with stake holders.  A time line and budget were formulated with the project benefiting the wider community through spin off effects from more people being educated.
The second winning project ‘No Mind Left Behind’ concentrated on mental health for 14- 25 year olds.  This was moving in that the first speaker spoke confidently of her first- hand experience with mental illness and how she wished there had been a program available to help her at a time when she needed it the most.  This project would create a culture of acceptance funded through government grants, sponsors, fundraising, donations and consultation with relevant agencies and organisations.
The night concluded with the presentation of certificates of participation and three national anthems sung. Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Australia.
After last night, I think we can feel optimistic for the future, with the calibre, attitude and desire to do good shown by these young Rylarians. 

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