Monday, 11 April 2016

April 12th Meeting - Incoming DG John & Barbara Leddy

 International Toast
by Alan to RC Bandung, Java West.  It has 50 members and meets at 7:30 at the hotel Angusta?.  I couldn’t find it on the internet so still not sure if Alan was having us on - Anyone done a make-up there recently?

Ann & Judy at RAWCS, and maybe Darryl
Selling tickets at Bunnings
Anna did a Shelter Box talk at Mooloolaba

Pam, Ron, Gerry, Iain, Genta & Lyn
President’s Address
President Judy welcomed John & Barbara Leddy,
Cubby house raffle draw this Sat at Bunnings BBQ 3:00pm
27th April Bunnings BBQ
Bicycles to DIK, truck?
Caloundra House visit tomorrow.

Sue is “not actually” organising this.  Dan from Cal Pac to attend.

Three Minutes on Rotary
For special fans of this segment, is this the morning for you!
Alf notes that incoming DG John Leddy will do 20 minutes

Not only that, John has squeezed three weeks of information into the 20 minutes.
(& I think that’s the closest he got to an introduction)

John said he would give us some history, examples of projects, and a plug for the conference

How Rotary started - Paul Harris was brought up in the country, trained as a lawyer, but had a varied life, including as a vagabond for five years.  In the 1890s Chicago was an abattoir town - a tough place with no business ethics.  Pre TV there were many popular clubs, but none which promoted member’s businesses.  He started Rotary, and the name was adopted because the meetings rotated from business to business.

In six months there were 30 members, in 12 months there were 80.  The second club was founded in 1908 in San Francisco.  The concept spread rapidly, reaching Melbourne in 1921.  In the early years, most projects were community based.
There are 21 Rotary Districts ion Australia.  Our district includes to the north of Brisbane, PNG, the Solomons & Nauru.  PNG has 12 clubs plus three community groups

When we get to the projects, my notes are a bit sketchy, but we heard about bicycle wheelchairs, DIK in PNG, low cost housing -10,000 built, 60 to 80 in Bangladesh with treadle sewing machines included.  Water project in PNG constructed 37 taps in a village with 1000 population.

We had quick visit to Tanzania where a lady from Guyra in NSW married a local tour guide, bought land and started St Judes school with Rotary help - it grew & grew and now students are graduating from university.

“Be a gift to the world” is the current annual theme.  Rotary’s biggest gift is probably the eradication of Polio (almost done).  Of course John was informed that Rotary world president Sir Clem Renouf, who started it all, was from Nambour.

Barbara’s project is Hummingbird House.  We would have heard more about it but apparently Barbara kept "interrupting" and John ran out of time

And the conference - definitely not a “booze up”

District training will be at Grace College
 (just do it)
Julianna noted that Cal Pac will have an exchange student from Denmark.
Hosting families wanted.

 Congratulations Mark for 25 years in Rotary
 (and thankfully your photo is better than last week's)

Sergeant Ian
did his usual routine, including bagging all our past and future presidents
 (I've just shamed him out of the striped shirts,
so I better not mention how hideous the fluro green is
- maybe he was off to do some roadworks after the meeting)
Watch out, Sergeant at work
Oh no! He had a go at DG level too
See you next week

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