Monday, 23 November 2015

17th November Meeting - Maddie Agnew - Salvo Youth Work


International Toast
by Norm to RC Paris in support of France after the recent tragedy
Founded 1921

Maggie Agnew, and Alf’s guests Trevor & Gina Gilliland, and Peter Davis


Helen, Bernie & Ron, Graham and the Solomon Island crew
 President’s Address
President Judy welcomed our guests
and fessed up to the fact she had nothing to say, so she handed over to Alf for two inductions.

Welcome to Peter Davis - raffle winner, bi-polar supporter and pharmacist.
It was also a chance for President Judy to give a cheque from the Club to Peter’s support group.
and Trevor Gilliland - from Caloundra Law, ex RYLA and Dicky Beach resident

Stuart introduced Maddie then did a quick getaway

Maddie runs SCILS to support girls and thanked the Club for its support of the program.

“Stay Calm” - there are two sides to these troubled girls, anger & darkness, but also light moments.

In her girls group, she sees some of the darkness receding.

They went horse riding two weeks ago - “how big they are”.

A visit to Maddie’s parents in NSW was a recent highlight.  They had no phone reception which is a good start to relax and refresh.  They experienced “what a family looks like”.  They visited Maddie’s “favourite spot” at sunset, and McIntyre Falls.

Maddie loved seeing them relax, and they couldn’t stop talking about the trip.
Pauline watches from afar
Pauline cam
John thanked Maddie

John did a run down of the Golf Day.  RSL uncertain - meeting this week.  Gerry to step down.  Gordon has an offer for Pelican Waters Golf Club. Sunny Kids may come on board.  We usually make $6-7k, but we need a director - Please consider

Deb reported that Alan and Kevin have secured a Council grant for RYDA, so it’s fully funded next year - Congratulations guys

Gerry - BBQs made $16/1700.  Thursdays are now “every month”

Alf - membership.- please keep this “top of mind”
After I’m away just one week, the striped shirts are back
And what is this? A police line up or a Rotary Meeting!
Thinking about you guys 

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