Monday, 30 September 2013

1st October 2013

Chair James



Presidents Report

President Deborah presented Gerry with a gift (gin & a soda stream to make life more sedate) for being the custodian of the trailer for so long

The “Raw Sounds” BBQ grossed $1170 with $650 profit donated to the SSC Youth Partnership

Bursaries to schools to be presented soon - need presenters for CSHS and Currimundi SS

$2,000 RYDA grant sourced by Cal Pac

Clubrunner software info sent out

Trifecta coming up

Tranquility Garden opening expected on 22nd Oct

Youth Safari Mon 9th Dec at Bulcock Beach


Tasman (Tas) Saywell from MS Australia
Running on 10% Government funding, the organization provides support for Multiple Sclerosis sufferers.  This is the most common neurological condition.  It attacks the central nervous system by breaking down the myelin coating of nerve cells, so the messages don’t get through, so symptoms show up in multiple areas & diagnosis is not easy.  There are 23,000 sufferers in Australia.  Average age of diagnosis is 30 & it effects more women than men.  Causes are thought to be related to genetic causes, vitamen D deficiency and a viral trigger.

MS Queensland has 120 staff in seven zones.  Tas is particularly trying to get local physiotherapy treatment as this provides huge benefits.


Pam’s mother is in need again and she is heading to South Africa. The Combined Dinner on 17th Oct replaces our weekly meeting.  Please BSB your $25 by Friday.  Lauren Brisbane is guest speaker with talk on camels.  Deb & Alan are helping with raffle prizes.

Merv & Genta met with Trevor & others about proposed works in Gizo to be done with a Global Grant by Komaki Club.  The solar panels proposed for the hospital will save $40k/year.  Expect a team to go in April next year, with further grant applications planned too,

Alan - BBQ a success
RYDA on 15th & 16th this month - sheet to go round

As usual, Sergeant Gerry made us pay up for our misdeeds.

Next Week
Chair Lauren, Desk Bruce, & Intro Stewart

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