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24 Nov Meeting - Anna Wheildon - Shelter Boxes

 Anna in action

International Toast
by Norm to RC Mali
Founded 1931 and meet at the Raddison,

but probably not for a while after the recent tragedy

Ron, John & Pauline, Graham and the Solomon Island crew
Gordon introduced Anna (even though Anna didn’t need to be introduced) with a “typical” week in Anna’s life which sounded like a world trip on steroids with multiple exercise routines thrown in.  This was Anna’s first ever Shelter Box talk so we all promised to be nice and not ask any difficult questions.
Shelter Box has been running for 15 years since its inception by RC Halston Lizard (not kidding - how does Caloundra Crocodile sound?)  143 boxes went to India after the Indian Ocean Tsunami and since then they have been used in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Americas.  Disasters are all to common in the news as a result of political differences or the weather.
This is where Anna has to do a little dance while tech support (read Mark) gets it all happening.
The boxes are waterproof and “light”at 50/60 Kg (Anna’s weight by the way)  They are individually numbered and can be tracked.  The tents are tailor made for various uses, robust, handle extreme temperatures, and can be partitioned.  They can also be used as temporary hospitals and recovery units.  (where were they after the Melbourne Cup function?)  They include tarps, tools and childrens’ packs with books and crayons.
There is now a “midi” tent which is more compact, lighter and faster to erect.  The kits do not include medications or perishable items.
How much?  $1000 gets the whole caboodle including purchase, storage, transport, insurance, volunteer response teams and admin.  It’s a “huge” operation.  $500 buys a tent, $100 buys thermal blankets and groundsheet, $30 buys a solar light, and 70c soon won't even buy a stamp anymore.
There is now a 500,000/year target.   Reconnaissance teams ensure water, hygiene and sanitation are in place before boxes arrive.  This year, boxes have been sent to Nepal, Africa, Chilli, Indonesia, Japan and have been used by refugees.

So when you are thinking of Christmas gifts this year, how about being “a gift to the world”

The long and the short of it all
President’s Address
President Judy welcomed our guests

News from the Solomons via Anne Paddison’s Facebook is that the team has constructed two tank stands and tanks, as well as community toilets.  Food and beds are good.  They have also delivered sporting equipment for schools.  It’s dry.  There is one nurse per 3000 people.  No roads, very religious, the team is happy.

Judy’s been Blogging away
Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital Prototype Suite Tour
12th November, Meridan College Awards Night
Of course if you’re reading the Blog, you can just use the Blog Archive column on the right to navigate to them, but. the links are handy if you want to email them to people - then they can open up that page only.

Anna said we missed a treat at the Concert at Alexandra Heads - but there was no mention of Rotary.  Attila, not the Hun, was on violin.

Deb attended the RC Mooloolaba Bookfest for Longreach - money is needed.

Alf didn’t report on membership, but last week he asked us to keep this “top of mind”
Ian was officially “in  the poo” after asking Anna “when the man was coming to give the Shelter Box talk”.  Never the less, he was still able to “stick the knife in” over a few misdemeanours committed by our members.
No stripes today - I think he’s learn't his lesson on that one.

The Rotary Foundation is funded in two different ways: the Annual Fund and the Endowment Fund. The primary source of unrestricted support for the programs of The Rotary Foundation, the Annual Fund supports programs in more than 200 geographical regions. From digging clean water wells for villages in Africa to reaching basic literacy skills to children in Latin America, during any given moment in a day, thousands of Rotarians volunteer their time and expertise to ensure that all contributions given to the Annual Fund are spent wisely on quality Rotary projects. In the 2012-13 Rotary year, US$115 million was donated to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund (Making History in Rotarian generosity). The Annual Fund is comprised of donations from Rotarians, friends of Rotary, corporations, workplace giving vehicles and can be matched by corporate matching gifts to leverage your donation. There is even a place on the rotary website that allows you to see if your company has a charitable matching program...check it out at:

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